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Traditional, modern, and African-American/urban

Updated 25-Jun-07

The Sims 2 Noir -
"Pretty things for the Sims2 by Judfer with emphasis on the Sim of Color"

Urban-style clothes
Club Sims
Designer Sims
Designer Sims Yahoo Group

Real Sims Blvd
Recherché Sims
Sims 2 Luxe
Teen Style 4 U

Black skintones
Bines Sim Revue
Esse Ti Sims Royale
Eye Candy
Genensims - many
Thara - females w/push-up breasts
Black hair
Alle Meine Sims - female hair, under Sweetie
Designer Diva
Designer Sims
Hell Just Froze Over
Mermaid Cove - close-cut Afros
Noukie Sims
RSSS for Sims 2
Simillion Sims and Homes
Sim Adoration
Sims Skirts
Spiffy Sims - hair by HeyDude181
Brown eyes                     
Annas Place
Blue Sims
Curio Designs
Emotional Sims
Eye Candy
Fashion 2 Sims
Happy Simming
Sims 2 by Nish
African clothes
Mod the Sims 2 - clothes, hair
Simpathetic - African-inspired clothes and headwraps
Sims 2 Net
Sims Action - Toddler girl's African cloth dress
Sublime Sims
Black sims
All 4 Sims
Annas Place
Around the Sims 2
Mod the Sims 2
Black models
Blue Sims
Boolprop Sims
Divino Sims 2
Mod the Sims 2
Real Sims Blvd
Tumbling Sims - This site is dedicated to black male models

African-themed sets/objects

luslipz73 (posts at Mod the Sims 2, Reflexsims, and her site Dee's Elegant Decor)
Steffe (Avalon, and posts at Juniper Sun forum)
Tweetymom (Tweetymom's Sims 2 Stuff and posts at Juniper Sun forum)
Chrissi (Serenity Sims, and posts at Juniper Sun forum
Heidi (Exotic Elements)
TK_Angie (The Armchair Traveler, and Comhair Objects by TK)

Around the Sims 2 - bedding
Bluetes Sims 2 Ecke Yahoo group - Mombasa bed and bath; many paintings; other rooms with an African theme
Casa d'Arte - paintings
Crystal Clear Sims - African paintings collection
Dee's Elegant Decor - African Dream living room
Exotic Elements
Juniper Sun forum
K and B Designs - Black family-themed art
Mango-Sims - African mask in Meubles > Chambres > Aloha set (page 3)
Meshkiste - themed art
Mod the Sims 2 - here and by luslipz73 here  here; decorative set by WindBlower
Parsimonious - Sultana set
Piggi's Sims - rugs
Reflexsims forum - by luslipz73 here and here
Serenity Sims - Josephine Baker prints under Decorative; site has African-ish room sets, deco objects, and paintings
Sim Adoration - clothes, objects
Sim Design Sisters - bedspread
Sim Freaks 2
Simplan-X - 9 free deco objects
Simplicity Lane - African Ebony study set
Sims 2 Play - artwork
Spiffy Sims - African mask makeup; African bubinga wood sets by HippieBill
Sublime Sims - walls, prints, CAS
The Armchair Traveller
The Sims Resource
    living room set by Padre333 - seating, fireplace, straw bag, shield/spear, kora (guitar), basket, torches, mask, zebra rug, curtains
Toto et Nono - Around the World Africa: living room sets, paintings, Moroccan furniture, Moroccan pediment, Moroccan fountain and walls, Chraibi ryad, Medina community lot, furnished Egyptian pyramids
Tweetysmom's Sims 2 Treasures - bedroom sets, art, pillows, deco items
Wall Sims
    Modern Africa paintings
    Savana wall set
Wood for Sims ($) Africa set, many pieces of furniture and deco items (some free), under Livingrooms

African-themed lots
All4Sims - Serengeti Park
Sims Mod Board - small African farm
Sublime Sims
The Sims Resource ($) African hut village
Vita Sims - African park

Black celebs
Adjiumi - Naomi Campbell, under Models>VIPs
Atração - Beyoncé, Kelis
JustSims 2 -
Sims 2 Beauty - Don Cheadle
Vita Sims ($) Alicia Keys

Body Shop (skin, sims)
A Sim's Life - one sim
Angel Sims - couple of heads
Annie's Sims - 1 dark skintone
- female heads
Bines Sim Revue - 1 lighter skintone
- 1 female sim
Boolprop Sims - two models; several sim children and toddlers
Celebrity Sims 2
Dee's Decor 4 Sims - hair and makeup are packaged with the clothes
Designer Diva - heads
Edenstyle - a few heads under "female sims" and "male sims"

Einfach Simlisch - Will Smith
Elva Sims - skin tones and realistic nudes

Hell Just Froze Over
Izadora's Sims - 1 skintone

LiSims - 2 heads - caution, one of the heads has a name that may be offensive
Mango-Sims - 1 head
Mermaid Cove - ebony makeup collection
Noukie Sims
Packaged Sims - Beyoncé
Shatarja's Sims 2 - 1 skintone
Sim Edition
Sim Forum Designer Club - 1 female head
Sim La Vie - heads, under Beauty Salon

Sim Paradies
Simply Elau - some skintones & 1 head
Simply Styling - adult skins
Sims 2 Atelier - skin tones and hair
Sims 2 Cri - sims, under Sims & Celebrities > Models
Sims 2 Sisters - heads
Sims Express - Kelly Rowland
SimStancia Designs
The Sims Resource ($)

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