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Updated 3-Mar-07

Annie's Sims 2 Page - pink birthday cake
Chinafan Sims - Candy Factory and Candy Box pink houses by XiXi
Diamond Sims - pink bedroom
Dimorasims - Barbie house, Barbie sim
under Skins Stars pag1
Eclectic Sims
- Playable Barbie doll, Barbie Grand Hotel (playable dollhouse) under New Objects > Miscellaneous
InSIMenator forum - pink Humvee
Mod the Sims 2

    Barbie speedboat (!) by Rythela
    Barbie sim by dorispepsi
Ken by dorispepsi
    Barbie car by kitanazworld
Pink Ducati motorbike by fardly83
Pretty Woman - hot pink sportscar
Rat Productions
- Barbie-ish pink formal with tulle overskirt (
Sim 'e Napule
- Barbie head and gown by Soulvoice (Barbie head comes with the gown); pink Porsche
Sims 2 Cri - Barbie bedroom by Barbara
Spiffy Sims
    Bubble Gum Kitchen by auracyan
    Barbie bedroom by ead425, 28 May 2006
Susanna's Sims 2 Diamonds - nostalgic Barbie framed prints
TS2 Downunder
- Barbie (light pink) kitchen
The Sims Closet
- retro and current Barbie outfits
xSims - Barbie bedroom and living room

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