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Updated 3-19-06

Blackys Sims 2 Zoo - Lutyens garden bench and recolors
- several castles and palaces built in Britain, or by Britons overseas, on the "Antiche" pages; look for the word "Inghilterra"
Mod the Sims 2
    England soccer shirt by jlrodasr
    ManUnited shirt by jlordasr
Royal Mail pillarbox by darylmarkloc
Sim Tract 2 - Queen Mum and Queen Elizabeth framed photo group
Spiffy Sims

    Red, White and Blue living room by Muga
    Traditional English bedroom by Betsy4Arts
The Complete Sim - fox hunt painting
The Sims Resource ($) postbox set (freestanding and wall mounted) by vector_prft
The Sims Zone - Prince Harry

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