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Archives for Mum-Kayz Sims 2 - couch and rug sets
Astrology Sims - bedspreads
Avalon - living room
Blacky's Sims 2 Zoo - Mr. and Mrs. Claus, party clothes
Crystal Clear Sims - nursery
Dreamland Sims 2
- Eisblau (Ice Blue) restaurant set
Eclectic Sims - nursery, tablecloths
Guderuns Sims - snowman couch fabric
Kaermie - Christmas Twinkle bedroom
Karr's Kustom Rekolored Kreations - couch and rug sets
Kit's Sims 2 Stuff - kitchen and dining under Themes
Linda's Sims2Torials - Christmas Dinner sets, ($) bedroom sets
Los Sims Online - buffet
Main Street Sims ($) -
room sets
McTrick's Place - plaid Victorian parlor set
Mermaid Cove - Party Pack recolors: tables with cloths
Mod the Sims 2
    Golden Christmas Forest bed and bath set by simdebster
    Golden Christmas Forest dining set by simdebster
    bedding by Luthien
    living room
by McAlli
bars by crazy_frog
    Christmas Presents bed and bath by simdebster
Gothic Christmas: walls, painting, lamp, curtains, bedcovers by SwtNess2
    McAlliBerryxmas living room by McAlli
Mum-Kayz Sims 2 - couch and rug sets
Objects for Sims 2 - black and white Snowflake bedroom
One In Ten Sims 2
- bedding,
living room
Parsimonious - Winter Wood living room, dining room, study, and bedroom, Art Noveau living room, dining rooms
Pinky's Sim Soap - bedrooms, living rooms, dining room, kitchens
Refined Sims2 - living room, kitchen, bedroom sets, Santa's house, dining room, bedroom, kid's bedroom, bathroom
Retail Sims - huge Christmas Shop set, with displays and giant outdoor decorations
SSS Designs Sims 2 Mirror - Mrs. Claus dining room, Yuletide living room
Sim Estates 2
Sim People and Me - dining room, sofa, curtains
SimGrrl Two - living and dining room
Simply Sims 2 Recolors
- living room set with sofas,
bedroom set, decorated door, curtains, walls, rug, tree, paintings, tabletop deco, nursery
Simply Sims Designs - bedrooms and living rooms in several styles
Sims 2 Arena - bedroom
Sims 2 Cri - nursery, dining room
Sims 2 Day - living room, dining room, bedroom
Sims 2 FeeEsse
- buffets, rug, counter, bedroom
Sims 2 Hummingbird Recolors - Christmas recolors of Grapholina's Monterey
Tarox's living room sets; Reflexsims' Zahra bedroom
Simsbau - kids' bedroom set: reindeer bed, bed covers, penguin lamp, snowman dresser, stool and table, bookcase, nutcracker, Santa's boot, playable gingerbread dolls, wreath, wall

Simsistic - kitchen counter recolor; many new-mesh furniture items and deco objects; some free, some pay
Spiffy Sims
    Gingerbread kitchen by Betsy4Arts
    Green Holly living room by HeartSpirit
    The Gold Christmas Collection bedroom by Betsy4Arts
Spirited Sims - living room
Star Sims - furnishing (online until January 6 only)
Sweet Simsations Studio - bedroom, living room, dining room
The Complete Sim - bedspreads and wardrobes, sofas, tablecloths
The Countycottage Forum - living rooms and bedrooms
The Sims 2 Downunder - buffet and tables, Poinsettia bedroom
The Sims Resource ($)
    bedding by evi
    rugs by Mutske
    Old World Christmas bedroom by Nikki041498
    buffets by Raveena
    tablecloths by Mutske
    restaurant sets
by Helena
Totally Sim Crazy - living room - dining room
Wood for Sims - ($) Christmas kitchen
Xmas Sims 2 Webring - restaurant, living room, bedroom, nursery, buffets, counter
Bella's Closet
Bines Sim Revue
Holiday Sims 2
IÖMF - cartoon characters
Karins Sims 2
Kit's Sims 2 Stuff
MABRA's Walls and Floors 4 Sims
Mod the Sims 2
    ice and snow walls by puzzledmonkey
Queenie's Sims
Rubytown - exterior snowy walls
Samba Sims 2
Sapphire Sims 2 - Forest of Christmas
Sim Estates 2
Sim Freaks 2 - snowy rustic log walls
SIMmetrical - free
Simply Simsational
Sim Showroom Group
Sims 2 Arena - murals
Sims 2 Beauty - under Themes > Weihnachten:
Sims 2 Fans
Sims 2 Suchtis
Sims Sensation
Sims Suisse - CocaCola bear
Spiffy Sims - by Steffieb
The Complete Sim
The Countycottage Forum
The Sims 2 Downunder
The Sims Resource ($)
YviMai Designs

Paintings, Quilts, Tapestries

Astrology Sims
Bines Sim Revue
Blacky's Sims 2 Zoo - CocaCola ads
Dulce Walls - pictures, including a framed print of a countryside Christmas tree farm
Mod the Sims 2
     Santa Claus tapestry by crazy_frog
Queenie's Sims 2 Objects - snowman and Christmas tapestries
Savage Sims
Sim Clouds Native American
Sim Estates 2\
Simplan-X - Santa framed pictures with ribbons
Simply Sims 2 Recolors
Sims 2 Galerie
Sims 2 Suchtis
The Complete Sim
The Countycottage
The Sims 2 UK
The Sims Resource

    wall quilts by simaddict99
WakiSims - snowman at play posters
With Sim Love
Xmas Sims 2 Webring - many pretty framed paintings

4Ever Simfantasy - candleholders: 6-candle silver, wooden angel, translucent tree
Amethyst Sims Design - welcome mats
Around the Sims - presents
Avenida Sims - table settings with recolorable plates
Bienchens Sims 2 World - decorated tree with presents, page 4 of single objects (the living room chair and floor lamp icon),
window decals, wooden windowsill candle holder, cookie plate (great to leave for Santa), Christmas candle, window ornament, Advent candle with metal silhouette
Bines Sim Revue - pillows, rugs
Blackys Sims 2 Zoo - recolors of Maxis wreath, star, tree, bow, tabletop tree
Crazy Sims - tabletop Nativity scene, bread, poinsettia
Die Sims 2 - golden stars, golden hanging star
Eclectic Sims - fireplace stockings, oven mitts, pot holders, candles, ($) greeting cards, ($) playable Christmas village
Einfach Simlisch - candles
Guderuns Sims - several new meshes of themed lamps and candles
Holy Simoly - starry mobile, tabletop Christmas polar bear
InSIMenator Forum - welcome mats
Linda's Sim2torials
- Buntah's Holiday Dinner set ($): turkey and stuffing on a platter with carving knife, buffets, tables in different sizes, dining chairs, cutting boards with cheese and tomatoes, serving carts, in two sets of light and dark wood
Mermaid Cove - Party Pack recolors: colorful tree recolors, presents, candles, bow recolor, star recolors, poinsettia
Meshkiste - Santa's sleigh loaded with presents, gingerbread house, weinachtspyramide (wooden abstract Christmas tree), Adventkranz (hanging Advent wreath)
Mod the Sims 2
    Christmas and other wrapped presents by HChangeri
    presents by HChangeri
    snowman (floor lamp) by Ben1013333
    Christmas tree vivid recolors by Lezibeth
    fireplace stockings by capt.nemo
    snowglobes by Cazkiwi
    Christmas village with ice rink by XTS
    Nativity scene by suiryuue
    toy train by Little_Tx_Mama
    Glühwein (German Christmas "glow wine") by Lethe_s
    St. Nicholas candy by Lethe_s
    wall, ceiling, and tabletop lighting
by SwtNess2
balloons by Lezibeth
by SwtNess2
by tressak
    carpet by Dutchboy
N8eulchen-Sims - red and green vase, gingerbread house poster, balloons,
Parsimonious - colorfully decorated trees, rugs, plants
Reflexsims - Working Advent wreath; select the number of candles to light
Retail Sims
    Xmas Shop, street light banners, fireplace stockings
Rubbermaid container with wrapping paper, scissors, bows, ribbon
    fireplace stockings
Romance Sims - Christmas trees
Sim Chic ($) poinsettias, tree
Sim 'e Napule - poinsettia rug
Sim Estates 2 - 
topiaries, curtains, welcome mats
Sim Gedohns - Advent set in four colors: hanging stars, wall stars, candles, potpourri (?)
Sim People and Me - tree, rug, wreath, tabletop tree, Santa's boot with candy
Sim Specials - balloons
Simfantastic 2
presents, bench with pillows, chocolates
Simplan-X - many free new mesh objects
Simplicity Lane - Christmas cutouts (colored wall-mounted silhouettes), Santa gnomes, rugs
Simply Sims 2 Recolors
- tabletop deco, poinsettia, wreath, tree,
ribbons, presents
Simply Styling - modern style Advent wreath with candles and Christmas ornaments
Simslice - holiday light garlands which can be placed anywhere
Sims 2 Beauty - under Themes > Weihnachten: door mats, bath mats, samovar, wreaths, curtains, wedding arch, pillows, rugs
Sims 2 FeeEssen
wooden Christmas tree display ("weinachtspyramide"), gingerbread house, candles and decorative stand, toybox, recolors of Meshkiste's Adventkranz
Sims 2 Hummingbird Recolors - tree, greenery swags, wreath, deco items in recolor of Grapholina's and Tarox's living room sets
Sims 2 Illusions - snowflake curtains
Sims 2 Marktplatz - rug, Weihnachts-Pyramide (abstract wooden Christmas tree), wooden candle stand, Santa's sleigh, gingerbread house, Adventkranz (hanging Advent wreath)
Sims 2 Suchtis - recolors of Maxis Christmas objects; Christmas teddy bear
Simshome1 - door, outdoor scene, Santa
Simsistic - many new-mesh deco objects; some free, some pay
Spiffy Sims - lamps and presents by HeartSpirit
Sweet Simsations Studio - welcome mats
The Sim Republic ($) trees, poinsettias, tree and presents in maroon, cream, and green plaid
The Sims 2 Downunder - four different balloons, Nightlife Christmas floral display, snowman rug
The Sims 2 Exchange
- Christmas downloads and Party Pack ($) download
The Sims 2 UK - Christmas cards
The Sims Resource

    tabletop Christmas cards by Mutske
    wall-strung Christmas cards by Mutske
    garlands by simaddict99
    welcome mats by Raveena
    welcome mats by windkeeper
    pillows by mutske
    presents, wreaths, and poinsettia plants by windkeeper
    Advent calendars by simaddict99
    Swedish wooden Christmas tree with candles by mutske
    plate tiers and platters by simaddict99
    candles by simaddict99
    Advent and window wreaths by simaddict99
    California Christmas
set by DOT - lighted palm, gift boxes in desert-colors papers, melted snowman, snow terrain paint
Advent candles in painted wooden boxes by Solfal
by solfal
by simaddict99
    garlands by simaddict99
    old skis and sleds
by windkeeper
The Sims Zone - stack of presents
The Well Dressed Sim - free doormats
Those Krazy Sims - vivid tree recolors, rugs, wreaths
Tiffy May - Christmas scene paintings, rugs
Totally Sim Crazy 2 - tree - sled (Schlitten), fence with garlands (Zaungirlande)
Vita Sims - tree, tabletop arrangements, card displays, hurricane lamp with greens
Xmas Sims 2 Webring - rug

Bella's Closet - Candy Cane starter house
Blacky's Sims 2 Zoo - house made of neon blocks numbered for Advent
ChiSaGo - OFB Christmas shop
Chrissys Sims 2 - Christmas park
Dieter und Ursula
- Romantic Restaurant decorated for Christmas; outdoor coffee bar
Game Island - starter house on snowy, decorated lot
Invisible Sims 2 - lushly decorated Christmas mansion (some objects not included); also a Christmas starter house and Christmas "Petit" (medium) house; another Christmas house and a Christmas hotel

Jazeks Haueser
    Sweet Little Christmas House (Sweetly Christmas-Haus)
    open-air Christmas market (Weihnachtsmarkt)
Komosims - Calipso Drive
McTrick's Place - rustic furnished Christmas house; just add snow
Meshkiste - winter garden and conservatory
Mod the Sims 2
    Winter Wonderland Hotel by wouda6nl
    The Winter Monet
by GodlyAce
    Holiday Wonderland by Simdyer
Happy Victorian Holiday!! by Daitenshi
Parsimonious - Iced Victorian, Jubilant Christmas, Snow Flake Manor
Refined Sims2 - Santa's house
Reflexsims - Yule house by Litework
Rubytown - wintery park; modern residence
Salt in the Wound - Home for the Holidays house
Sapphire Sims 2 - Christmas in the Country; Gathering Christmas Village
Sim Estates 2 - In the Spirit, Rustic Holiday, Home for Christmas (residential version)/Inn for Christmas (commercial version)
Sim Society - houses by EuroBoyPN (don't know how to view pics of the houses)
Simply Sims Designs
- large lodge-style landscaped house
Sims 2 Arena - Alpenhäusle
Sims 2 Bricabrac - Christmas-themed commercial lot
Sims 2 Marktplatz
- An der Schneewand house, Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas fair)
Sims 2 Suchtis
Sims Connection - Christmas Village
Sims Suisse - La Motte Chalet
Simsistic - ($) Santa's Home at the North Pole - large exterior-decorated house
Sterling Sims 2 - Holiday Homes Project
Tecno Sims
The Complete Sim - Winter Cabin, Snowy Lodge, White Christmas Starter, red Christmas Starter that looks like a cute renovated country church, Australian Christmas
The Sims 2 UK - Christmas wedding
The Sims Resource

    "graham" (gingerbread) house by iZazu
    gingerbread house by iZazu
    Santa's Grotto log mansion by MissyZ
    Twas the Night Before Christmas house by Pinecat
    Over the River house by Pinecat
    Winter Wonderland hotel by sourovea
The Well Dressed Sim - candy canes

Tikababy's There's No Place Like Home - seven homes under Holiday Themes - Winter house, Christmas community lots, old mill (Muehle)

2-for-u - Miss Santa 2005
Adjiumi - women's short and long dresses
All About Style -
dressy Christmas outfits, pajamas for the family, lush green and red velvet Victorian outfits for the family, jewelry
Astrology Sims - for women
Bienchens Sims 2 World - toddler boy's outfit
Bines Sim Revue - clothes for men of all ages; formals for children
Crazy Sims - women's undies and short nightgown
Crystal Clear Sims - family party outfits and pajamas
Curious Sims
Decorgal Designs - red dress for women; red pullover for men
DeKDeS Sims 2 Creations - toddler boy's pajamas
Distant Eyes - red dresses for females of all ages
Doll House - undies
Edenstyle - lingerie
Elite Sims 2 - Mrs. Claus sexy outfit
Eye Candy - Santa graphic women's shirts
Glamour Sim ($) slate blue satin women's outfits
Glamsim ($) women's formals
Glorious Sims - family party outfits and pajamas, lingerie
Guderuns Sims - womens' Santa pantsuit
Holiday Sims 2
Kissers Sims 2
- family holiday outfits, pajamas
Kit's Sim Stuff - women's dresses
Ladybug's Sims 2 - boys and girls outfits
LoSims - Santa hat colorful recolors
Love Couture - formals for females, plus adult female pajamas
Martin & BDee's - colorful pajamas for the family
Mermaid Cove - clothes for adults, young adults, and elders; mother/daughter Christmas Heart dresses
Mod the Sims 2
    Mommy and Me pajamas by Halloweenscorpio
    Lady Santa undies by gbourn
    Nana's Christmas dress by Halloweenscorpio
    clothes collection
by Cee
    toddler girl's Tartan dress by VShevaV
toddler boy's plaid pants outfit by VShevaV
tees for YA men and men by Deeney
women's green sweater and skirt by SSChan
One in Ten Sims - complete womens' and mens' wardrobes
Parsimonious - casual clothes, earrings; lush, elegant, unusual and historically themed clothes for the family
Peggy's Sims - Christmas-themed jewelry and outfits
Pico's Multiwear - fantasy/historic and contemporary holiday clothing
Rat Productions - women's short Santa dress, dress for girls and toddlers, casual sweaters for women
Romance Sims - women's dressy outfits
Samba Sims 2 - sexy female Santa dress
Sapphire Sims
- Dressed to Dine toddler formals
Secret Sims Serasims - woman's Santa mini dress with black high-heeled boots, sexy lingerie
Sim Chic ($)
Sim Estates 2 - casual, dressy, and pajamas for the family
Sim Freaks 2 ($) - toddler Santa outfits, girl's sweater
Sim Paradies - angel gowns, earrings, wings
Sim Secrets - sexy women's outfits
Sim Showroom - women's casual and format outfits
Sim Stuff
- sweaters for grandma and grandpa
Simillion Homes - woman's Santa mini dress with red high-heeled boots
Simmergirl - sexy Santa's helper dress
SIMmetrical - free women's dresses
Simpathetic - Christmas, Chanukah and kwanzaa women's fashions
Simply Elau - lingerie, casual, and dressy outfits for women
Simply Simsational - holiday dress for elder women, teen girls
Sims 2 Arena - ladies' red snowman sweater, red gown, toddler outfits
Sims 2 Center - ($) boy's pajamas
Sims 2 Clothing - toddler outfits and girl's pajamas
Sims 2 Cri - cute underwear for female teens, female adults, and male adults; pajamas for female girls and toddlers
Sims 2 Heaven - women's sexy party dress
Sims 2 Hummingbird Recolors - bedding
Sims 2 Paradise - Santa-themed outfits, undies, Saint Lucia
Sims 2 Suchtis - Mr. and Mrs. Nicolaus clothes
Sims Showroom - gown, casual outfit, and dress
Simultaneous Design ($) women's dressy clothes
Sky Sims - dresses for women and toddler girls
Spicy Sims - lingerie
Spiffy Sims
Spirited Sims - huge collection
Star Sims - clothes and meshes to make your own Santa Family (online until January 6 only)
Sunair Sims
- page 12 of Skins
Sussis So Good Sims - charming old-fashioned outfits for girls and toddler girls
Tecno Sims - red gown
The Complete Sim -
The Sims 2 Recolors - women's party halter tops
The Sims 2 UK - female Santa dress
The Sims Resource

    The Little Red Dress by JewelRolls
    Holiday Sparkles necklace by JewelRolls
crimson silk poinsettia dress by JewelRolls
long hair with poinsettia ribbon by NeptuneSuzy
    hairstyles with ribbons by NeptuneSuzy
    elder holiday clothing by Cruella56
    toddler clothes by Raveena
    tables with cloths
by Mutske
tables with cloths by solfal
    outfits with ice skates by Dr Pixel
The Sims Zone - toddler boy's pajamas, toddler girl's clothes with cute elf hat
Totally Sim Crazy - for female ages
Under-your-skin - gown, lingerie for women
Visage Sims - female outfit with Santa hat
Well Dressed Sim - free reindeer graphic sweater for adults, elders, and girls; ($) toddler reindeer pajamas
With Sim Love - toddler dress, girl's dress
Xmas Sims 2 Webring - for the entire family
YviMai Designs

Costumes and sims
Annie's Sims 2 Page - Santa at home (sim)
Besen's Sims 2 Page
- Nikoline,
Nikolaus, Ghosts of Christmas past-present-future
hnote - Santa sim
     Santa hats, no EP required; pic shows nontraditional colors
     but the traditional colors are included with the download; by Kavar
     Kandy Kane and Jingle Jack, Santa's sexy helpers by Kavar
Mod the Sims 2
Rosy red cheeks for Santa by Bizkit
Pico's Multiwear - Nativity costumes: Wise Men, Mary, Joseph, Angel;
Nikolaus, Nikoline, Ghost of Christmas Past, Ghost of Christmas Future
Romance Sims - toddler girl's dressy outfit with angel wings
Sims 2 Heaven - Santa hat
Sims 2 Paradise -
Santa, Saint Lucia
Spiffy Sims - girl's angel and Santa's Little Helper costumes
The Sims Resource ($)
Asamo - abstract tree with flashing lights
Avenida Sims
- 1 snow groundcover
Chrissys Sims 2 - snowy brick walls
Eclectic Sims
- Winter set ($): snow-covered trees and shrub
Einfach Simlisch - snowy trees and hedges, lights for the pine tree, lawn star lights, star light garland for walls, CAS background
Holy Simoly - Christmas polar bear for the yard (or indoors)
InSIMenator Forum - green and red fence topped with candy canes
Jendea 2
- 10 types of snow groundcover (free)
Max Sims - 10 types of snow groundcover
Meshkiste - pine tree with lights
Mod the Sims 2
    exterior decorations by simfantastic2
    garland of lights by alanyaangel
    snowy trees by OoGaBbErZiCkEoO
    lights by capt.nemo
    snow terrain by Mr.Me
snow terrain by Bigpimpin15
snow terrain by DarkJawa
    snow-covered birch tree
by nengi65
    snowy trees, bushes, and hedges by nengi65
Objects for Sims 2 - white and colored lights that go around the windows; lighted wreaths
Parsimonious - cheerfully decorated doors and windows, exterior walls with lights
Rado's Sims 2 - driveable Santa's sleigh; radio-controlled Rudolph
Retail Sims
- street light banners
Sim 2 Fashion - casual Santa outfits for men and women, angel dresses, toddler girl's formal, Santa's Helper dress
Sim Estates 2 - s
nowy trees and shrubs
Simfantastic 2 - lawn ornaments, column with mini lights
Simplan-X ($) - snowy tree in planter
Sims 2 Beauty - under Themes > Weihnachten: snowy roof tiles, walls, terrain, trees, stone fences
Sims 2 Fans - Santa's sleigh
Sims 2 FeeEssen - many snow-covered items: walls, trees, bushes, cars, etc.
Sims 2 Objekte by MLK - Meshkiste sleigh recolor
Sims 2 Planet - snow groundcover
Sims 2 Suchtis - icy snow and ground terrain here
Sims Connection ($) snowman lawn light, firewood, axe with chopping stump, winter textured pine, tall hedge, snow ground texture
Sims Divine - plaster-and-log wall with Christmas lights, snow groundcovers
door, outdoor scene
    Free: Christmas tree, snowy window, lawn ornaments, outdoor light garland,
snow angel groundcover, red or green wall-mounted mailbox (Objects > New Meshes> Decoration > page 3)
    Donation: snowy windows
Spiffy Sims
    red and green window/door sets by Muga
    gingerbread build set by Betsy4Arts
Sunni Sims - snow groundcover
TS2 Terrains and Stuff - Christmas tree terrain, exterior snowy walls
The Sims 2 Downunder - tall holly hedge
The Sims Resource ($)
    flag banners by simaddict99
    winter trees by MissyZ
    Winter Wonderland snowy landscape set by thesorceress
    decorated doors by windkeeper
    candy cane column; Hershey's Kiss, peppermint, lollipop and gumdrop lawn ornaments by Shinrai713
    sleigh, reindeer, and snowy pine trees by windkeeper
    snow roofs
by Mutske
The Sims Zone - snow groundcover
Universal Sims - candy cane and candle lawn ornaments
Wood for Sims - winter/Christmas build set (most of this large set is free)
Totally Sim Crazy 2 - alpine lodge snowy siding, fencepost lights
Xmas Sims 2 Webring - decorated trees, Santa's sleigh

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