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Updated 25-Jun-07

Andu's Sims 2 Archiv - walls
Avalon - walls
Blackys Sims 2 Zoo - Egyptian theme
Chi-Sa-Go - framed photos of museum objects; also has walls (Wände)
Debbysim Decor ($)
Dincer Hepguler
Guderuns Sims -
under Objekt Meshes > Deco: Egyptian tryptich painting
InSIMenator -
Egyptian Princess painting by cellestia
Lurania - framed prints
Mod the Sims 2
    Ancient Egyptian furniture set by dano

    Nefertiti in red, purple, green, blue, and gold by sgoobysnacks29
    deity artwork by nengi65
    themed paintings by Eleonora
    Pyramid and Sphinx neighborhood objects by wintermuteai1
    bedroom by alanyaangel
    large posters by dolldrms1
    Cleopatra by Fullmoon Lupin
    Great Pyramid by netseeker2
    Nefertiti by Belle_Ange_16
    loincloth by OpenHouseJack
    Egyptians - The Royals by alexasrosa
One in Ten Sims - Tutankhamen, Nefertiti busts
Pico's Multiwear
- clothes
Piggis Sims - paintings, set E
Retail Sims - Egypt store items
Sapphire Sims 2
    Use the Category Jump Menu to reach the Egyptian Collection
Garun'Ptah lot by GrandDuchessEmerald
    Fantasy sims by EmpressSapphire
    Clothing for the entire family by GrandDuchessEmerald
Sim Grrl Two - Egyptian Haloween costume
Simillion Hair - ornamented hair for men, Nefertiti headdress
Sims 2 Day - restaurant set
Sims 2 Marktplatz
Sims 2 Sisters - wall art
Sims Suisse - paintings

Simsistic - sarcophagus, vase, wall hanging, stone, urn, jar
Tarox - lot
The Sims Resource ($)
    Framed art by atwa (several different sets)
    obelisks by atwa
    decorative pyramids by atwa
Toto et Nono - Around the World Africa: furnished Egyptian pyramids
Vita Sims - screen ($)
Xanathons SimSations - obelisk, sarcophagus

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