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Updated 26-Jun-07

Andu's Sims 2 Archiv - Knossos walls
ArtfulOne's Stuff - Summery Living Room for a Greek-American family; colored rug in Geometric livingroom set
Avalon - Villa Patio set in white and bright blue, walls
Coco Sims - Greek meals
    Greek warrior by Alexasrosa
    laurel leaf crown by beosboxboy
Mod the Sims 2
Diana/Artemis sim by ShadowTerra13
    village of Greece by noie
"Mid-Day in Cyclades" beautiful lot by corvidophile2
Pam's Themes - Greek restaurant walls
Pico's Multiwear - costumes from the movie "Troy"
Sapphire Sims - Colossus at Rhodes, Temple of Zeus lots
Simpatico Sims - swimwear, togas by Sandy; Greco-Roman build items ("Roman Opulence" set) by Mummysim
Sims 2 Shopping Center - Greek mural
Sims 2 World - traditional clothing and headwear
Sims Divine - Noumea bedroom set, parts 1 and 2 (modern, Greco-Roman inspiration)
Simsemans Baumarkt - Acropolis lot
Spiffy Sims - Greek kitchen by Mummysim

Sterling Sims 2 - seaside lot by WCheryl860 (from the Exchange)
Sussi's So Good Sims
- Antique Goddess skin, page 2
Tarox - Santorini lot (famous white seaside building with a blue dome)

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