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Updated 19-Apr-07

Alex Sims 2 Skins - Lord Rama and Sita
All 4 Sims
    saris for women, also under Clothing > Female > Formal
    saris for teens
    girls' outfits
    large floor-standing prints
    Indien Gardens lot
    gold necklaces
    gold and red recolor of Parsimonious' Amicus Curae bathroom
Around the Sims 2 - bedding
Bines Sim Revue - Bollywood outfits, saris
Blacky's Sims 2 Zoo
    Taj Mahal walls and florors here here here here
    womens' outfits here here here
    womens' headdress
Bluetes Sims 2 Ecke - "Indian Summer" patio set
Celebrity Sims

Happy Moon Belly at The Sims Exchange
Juniper Sun - saris, earrings, necklaces

Parsimonious pages 14 and 15
Pico's Multiwear Sims 2 Fashion - Thar Desert kurtas and choli dress, Bollywood theme
Sapphire Sims 2
Sims 2 World
Sims Fashion Barn - teal sari, gift from Jessica
Sims Suisse - Taj Mahal lot
The Sims Resource ($) Indian Inspired Living set
Toto-et-Nono - framed prints, Taj Mahal, hot tub recolor
YviMai Designs - female head with veil and jewelry

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