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Updated 24-Feb-06

Chinafan Sims - Castle and Garden lot by TiJiao; looks Tuscan/medieval
Crystal Sims 2 - Mediterranean villa
Dimorasims - Chalet Bruni in Valle D'Aosta

    many elegant furniture sets under Arredamento
    elegant hotel lots
pizza parlor deco objects
Komosims - elegant walls
Mary Lou's Sims 2
- framed maps of Italy
Mod the Sims 2
    Italian family home (mansion) by Simdyer
    Venice by wouda6nl
    Villa Romana by hony
    Mama Bella's Italian Restaurant by AP
    Monica Belluci (actress) by ReginaS
    Vale Rossi's suit (motocross champion) by ShinjiRHCP Che spettacolo!! :D
    Villa Tuscano by Moon_EZ
    wine barrel by phervers
    panettone and pandoro cakes by MaryLou & Numenor
    driveable gondola by hexameter
Pinky's Sim Soap - Reflexsims - "Florence" bedroom
Sims 2 Arena - Italian-themed houses and commercial lots by Imoen (link is to pics; if there is no link to the download (says "Zum Download"), search for the download on the site-I can help you if you can't find it)
Sims 2 Cri - Panettone
Sims 2 FeeEssen - statue of David
Sims 2 Suchtis - statue of David
Spiffy Sims
    Luxurious Azure bedroom by Mummysim
    Mediterranean kitchen by ead425
    Wine bottles with candles by Yggdrasil
The Sims Resource ($)
    candles in bottles by MsBarrows
    designer suits by Agent420
    A Taste of Italy set (wall niche, ivy wall, painting) by paulajedi
    tile walls by Spaik and Simaddict99
    kitchens by sww, Nikki041498, Stoked4sims
    bedroom by lockgen
    livingroom by Stoked4sims
    wine crate paintings by Lezibeth

Vino in Veritas by Imoen at Sims 2 Arena

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