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Updated 4-Jul-07

37Sims - Hacienda living room
Around the Sims
    patio set ("Oriental Nap")
    Mexican set from Heidi: counter, sink, leather chair, table/undercounter thing, sideboard, dining table, colorful wooden chairs, rooster plate, lantern, glasses, cross
    Blankets and sombreros from TK
    Hall trunk, spurs from TK
Limmerfer's Sims 2 - Aztec jewelry
Meshkiste - wooden overhanging roof
Mod the Sims 2
    Aztec and Mayan temple lots, Inca-themed room sets, Aztec walls and floors by nazcaval (display user nazcaval's profile and click on the link to see all downloads)
    "Fiesta" sportscar recolor by abragon
    soccer shirt by jlrodasr
    El Castillo - Chichen Itza pyramid (neighborhood object) by wintermuteai1
    Diego Rivera paintings by justmoi
    functional pinata by Echo
Ogularama - edible nachos
Piggis Sims - tapestries, set M
Serenity Sims - Mexican tile recolor of 11 Dots halfwall
Sims Connection - free pinata; ($) Mexican Village Square lot
Spiffy Sims
    Mexican Flair kitchen by Betsy4Arts
    Mexican Theme kitchen by HeyDude181 and Mummysim
    Adobe and stucco walls, string of chili peppers, tiled tables by Yggdrasil
Sublime Sims - Mexican theme
The Armchair Traveler - kitchens, under Hacienda
The Sims 2 Downloads - tile walls and floors
Toto et Nono - rugs
Wall Sims
    Mexico set - table and chairs
    Hacienda house

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