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Updated 19-Apr-07

Maxis set
Adjiumi - several sets, here
After Midnight Sims 2 - end table
Crystal Clear Sims - under Patio, and several sets under Living Room
Die Sims Trickkiste - here
Enchanted Forest - in Furniture > Sets > Jungle in Bloom and Orange Cream
Esse Ti Sims Royale - in Christmas Time bedroom set, and in Khrystel Bar in Shops sets
Happy Sims 2 Forum
L'Universims - here
Loving Touch Designs
N8eulchen Sims - page 11 of Livingrooms
Parsimonious - Bellevue set
Simaholics R Us - several sets under Objects > Living Room and in HugeLunatic Tibetan Bedroom
Simcastic Designs - under Objects > Living Room and Themes > Christmas
Sublime Sims
The Unicorn Sims 2 - under Object Sets 2
Wildalpiin - here

Custom objects
Andu's Sims 2 Archiv - walls
After Midnight Sims 2 - Vine House garden set
    Morocco Living set (deco items, fireplace, bench, chair, tea set)
    exterior build set, including domes
    two-story doors
    Los Azules fountains and patio set
    two kitchen sets here and here
    tea tray in Pure Living set
Around the Sims 2
    patio set
    Souk bathroom
Avenida Sims - Modern Moroccan living set - interesting modern, dark brown take on this set
Babbyebe Sims - Maxis sofa recolor
Blacky's Sims 2 Zoo - 1001 Nights
    Moroccan Entry - build items and objects
    oasis lot
    Moroccan Bath - build items and objects
    walls and floors
    walls and floors
    walls and floors
    walls and floors
    walls and floors
    walls and floors
Cindy's Sims - dining set; walls and floors
Crystal Clear Sims - African Build Set
    Thousand and One Nights palace
    Villa Hammamet
    The Lost City
    Corte Tunisia
Dincer Hepguler - furnishings, plus tagine and henna lamps
Dreamland Sims - door, under Allerlei
Exotic Elements - bed
Juniper Sun forum
Loving Sims Designs ($) Maxis Match furniture sets in three colors
Mod the Sims 2
    Islamic abaya/jelbab/jubah by Bettye
    Islamic chadar by Bettye
    Islamic female sim by Nevena92
    Arabian Dream window set by redeth20
    walls by HeartDeco
    seat recolors by HeartDeco
    Moroccan palace by Kaelindra
Parsimonious - Villa dar Zina kitchen
Pico's Multiwear Sims 2 Fashion - "Arabian Nights" themed clothes
Reflexsims forum - Around the Sims Souk bathroom recolors
Sapphire Sims 2
    translucent harem outfit mesh by Chriko
    veil by generalzoi
    Arabian Nights theme
    Arabian Nights lot by GrandDuchessEmerald
Serenity Sims - gold teapot and cups in Afrika dining room
Simcastic Designs - bedroom
Simmetrical - free modern Mediterranean-style home
Simplan-X ($) Arabian Nights build set; (free) Seelie lamp (Objects > Deco)
Simply Living Sims TS2 Shop - walls, floor, bedspread
Sims 2 Fans - kitchen, hair salon
Sims 2 Hummingbird Recolors - recolor of Around the Sims 2 patio set
Sims 2 Sisters - walls
Sims Area - Rabat villa lot
Sims Suisse - jacuzzi
Spiffy Sims
    Yggdrasil: Moroccan-themed tapestries, artwork, golden door, couch and loveseat, desks, windows, tea set, walls, tiled walls,
Starshine Sims 2 - seating, dining
Studio B43 - wall fountain; Apartment set: floor bedding, exotic deco items
Sunshine Sims - mirrors; March 2007 theme: "Orientalische"
Tarox - Harem Nights set; Oriental set
The Armchair Traveller - seating, tables, window, and decorative accessories
The Sims 2 Downloads - tile walls and floors
The Sims Society - Moroccan starter house
The Sims Zone - Morocco soccer shirt
Vita Sims
    Moroccan house
    bedroom set
    garden set
    huge Moroccan living room set ($), including new chess table mesh in Moroccan style

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