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Updated 23-Jan-07

Astrology Sims - Red poster with woman's high-heeled shoe, reads "Paris"
Max Sims - set of four Paris fashion prints
Mod the Sims 2
    by V1ND1CARE:
        Paris Opera House lot
        Arc de Triomphe
        Notre Dame
        Seine River
    La Tour Eiffel by en7en
    fin-de-siècle-style French advertising posters by Lethe_s
    street in Paris wall mural by ChibiChii
    vintage Paris travel poster by Witchboy
Sandy's Sims 2 - Eiffel Tower photo wall hanging
SIMplicy Lane - Academie de Musique lot
SimSecrets - framed prints, under Art Gallery > Vintage > Paris
Sims 2 Beauty - Colonnes Morris ("Litfasssäule") (advertising columns found on sidewalks)
Sims Connection - ($) Champs Elysees
The Sims Resource
    The Whimsical Paris Suite girl's bedroom, bath, and nusery sets by Dotcombuilder
    two Paris fashion framed prints by LadyAshvin
    black and white photo triptych by Imosca
    architectural photos by maddox97
    Hot Tropic Fashion Cafe Paris painting by c_literati
Wall Sims
   Tamara office set ($) - framed print says "Paris"
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