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Updated 26-Jun-07

Alex Sims 2 Skins - gladiators and tunic
- Roman villa
toga by sgoobysnacks
    Temple of Zeus by sgoobysnacks
    walls and floors by sgoobysnacks
laurel leaf crown by beosboxboy
- wagon
Mod the Sims 2
marketplace by Neefers
    weathered stone garden seat by boblishman
    bath by alanyaangel
    Diana/Artemis sim by ShadowTerra13
Parsimonious -
Amicus Curiae bedroom and bathroom

Sapphire Sims
    1 Roman Lane
Roman villa
Sim Biggi - Das Rosenzimmer bedroom
Simmer Romanus 2
Simpatico Sims
    Roman Opulence build set by Mummysim
    Roman Soldier outfit and togas by Sandy
Sims Divine
    Sims: adult female, girl, male teen, female teen, soldier
    Clothes: adult swimsuits.
    Noumea bedroom set, parts 1 and 2 (modern, Greco-Roman inspiration)
Studio B43 - Awesome Pompei lot (27 MB)
    build items, furniture, pool and deco for your Pompeiian villa
    Roman dining set by Roxi
The Sims 2 Downloads
Pompeiian walls
    Stone walls and floors with warrior relief

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