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Updated 25-Jun-07

Alexasrosa (MTS2) - traditional Russian and Ukrainian dresses; traditional Russian wedding dress
Amethyst's Flying Circus -
recolor of Sims 2 Orient Design samovar
Around the Sims 2
- matriochky (wooden nesting dolls)
Astrology Sims - Snegurochka ("snow maiden" who helps D'ed Moroz (Grandfather Frost))
Enchanted Forest - matryoshka mesh
Helga Sims - Fabergé egg in Victorian living room set
    Russian sims by beosboxboy; Misha, Yakov, Natashja, Yuri, Nadja
Tsar Nicholas II and Alexandra by Regina_S
USSR flags by Inyri_Jax
Mod the Sims 2
    Hammer-and-sickle T shirt by lev bronstein
    Russia Palace House by Geeky
    Natalia Vodianova by ReginaS
    characters from a Russian children's book by Windyway
    Ded Moroz bedspreads by
    traditional dress by Barcelonista
    Victorian Russian girl by mininessie
    Vesna [spring] goddess by ReginaS
    Summer goddess by ReginaS
    entertainer Ruslana
é eggs
    Krestovsky Island (St. Petersburg) neighborhood
    Hohloma kitchen
    Meals on pretty Hohloma plates:
        potato rissole with meat filling
        caviar crêpes
        semolina (Cream of Wheat)
        cherry dumplings
        apple pie
        "caviar hamburger"
        potato dumplings
        okroshka (soup)
Parsimonious - "Eloquence" kitchen and dining
Photo-Sims 2 - Folk costumes for girls and women; click on the menu button Русский стиль ("Russkiy Stil")
Sims 2 Ellis
- working samovar; Russian-style elegant furniture
Sims 2 Orient Design - samovars
Sims 2 World - D'ed Moroz and Snegurochka (Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden)
Sims Connection ($) Afternoon Tea set: samovar and podstakaniki
Sims Fashion Barn - framed icons
Sim Tract 2 - Why anyone would want a framed print celebrating the Soviet KGB, I don't know, but here it is
Sweet Sims - Chebourashka t-shirt
The Sims Resource
    Old World Style set by Cashcraft
Toto et Nono - LOL
huge Fabergé egg for your front lawn or parlor ;) or your expensive boutique
Viskamiro's Sims 2
- ushankas (hats), page 2

Vita Sims
    free: edible Easter cake ("kulich"), icon eggs and candles, icons, Orthodox church with gold domes
    ($) Khokhloma- and Ghzel-style country kitchens (donation sets)

Tomb of Tsar Nicholas II, his family (except for Marie and Alexei, whose remains have not been found),
doctor, and three servants

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