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Updated 3-Jul-07

Adjiumi - Centro Commerciale lot looks like Venice; Carnevale masks and gowns
Besen's Sims 2 Page - Phantom of the Opera mask
Bipsouille - man's costume. The mask and collar have to be added to the sim from the Glasses menu.
Edenstyle - costumes and masks
    Jingle Jack sim by Kavar looks Carnevale-ready
    masks with feathers by shatarja
    mask by LegacyEcho
Jazeks Hauser - Little Venice lot
Komosims - walls with Venetian masks
Mod the Sims 2
    Rialto Bridge and Bridge of Sighs lots by lordtiko (also at The Sims Resource)
    Venice lot by wouda6nl
- Venetian masks
Parsimonious - Venetian masks
Sapphire Sims - Venice lot
Serasims - Venetian masks
Sim 'e Napule - costumes
Spiffy Sims
    Venetian Dining set by Muga
The Sims 2 Downloads - Venetian masks
The Sims Resource
    Venice carnival dress by Xadavus
    Venetian textured walls by simaddict99
    The Bridge of Sighs Lot by Tiko
Vita Sims - Little Venice lot

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