Arts and Crafts movement

Updated 8-20-06

After Midnight Sims 2 - desk 2
Avalon - lamp, bedroom, paintings, vases, fireplaces, walls, house
Simthing for Everyone - house, furniture, rugs, build items, paintings, walls
Loving Touch Designs ($) Craftsman furniture
Lyran - William Morris wallpaper
Mod the Sims 2

    William Morris-style "tulip" wallpaper by vanillasuga
Simpatico Sims
- California Bungalow lot
Sims Shoppe ($)
    bedroom set
    Greene House build set, inspired by
The Gamble House
    Craftsman houses
    Morris chair
Snooty Sims - William Morris wallpaper
The Complete Sim - William Morris wallpaper
The Sims 2 Download

The Sims Resource ($)
    Exterior and interior wall collections; wood panel collection to match stained glass windows by c_literati
    Exterior clapboard and stucco sets by h3psibah
    Paneling and paper wall sets by ricky2bailey
    Craftsman bedroom by Nikki041498

Greene House build set from Sims Shoppe

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