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Updated 3-Jul-07

Bella's Closet - walls
Cat and Susim's -
USA Toddlers
Dulce Walls for The Sims 2
- themed paintings and walls under "Holidays"
Eclectic Sims - 4th of July tables with tablecloths under Recolours > Sets
Enchanted Forest - 4th of July theme
Misty Lady's Sims 2 Mart - clothes
Mod the Sims 2
    wall-mounted flagpole and flag by DBCAB
    flagpole and flag by DBCAB
    US Pride painting by vemkeit
White House lot by johnr2000
    edible watermelon by crocobaura
Plussimers -
Pentagon community lot
Sims 2 Center - flag-themed clothing
Sims 2 Day

    paintings (page 2)
    dressers (page 3)
    paint (page 1, 6)
    wallpaper (page 8)
    seating (page 9)
    bed frames (page 3)
Sims 2 Share - "Rolling Hills" painting
Sims Connection - Flagpole and flag
SimSlice ($) fireworks
Spiffy Sims

    Red White and Blue bedroom set by Betsy4Arts
    Red White and Blue bedroom set by ead425
    Red White and Blue Dining Room by SSilver
    Americana kitchen by HeartSpirit
    Red White and Blue kitchen by Miss Beki
    Patriotic living room by Muga
    Red White And Blue living room by
Bortai Degera
Springwolf's Elegant Decor
    Salute living room
    Freedom living room
Sweet Simsations - lounge seating
TS2 Creations - elder bikinis
The Blarney Stone - red and white striped halter top with white-starred blue skirt
The Sims 2 UK - bikini
The Sims Republic ($) sofa with flag cushions
The Sims Resource
    Uncle Sam rustic walls by zvaella
July 4th beachwear by Dr. Pixel
    string bikini by valarina876
    USA bikinis
by juttaponath
YMW Productions - 1940s patriotic pin-up girls by Yalanda

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