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Updated 25-Jun-07

Asamo - basketball hoop
Besen's Sims 2 Page - weights, in teen boy's bedroom
Blacky's Sims 2 Zoo - weight bench, weights, exercise bike, treadmill - mens' wrestling and judo outfits
Coco Sims - barbells, weight rack, posters, fly machine, multipress machine
Gerdi's Sims 2 - fitness room (new meshes); free posters
    clothes for bodybuilder and athletic guy meshes by beosboxboy
    laurel leaf crown by beosboxboy
muscle group workout posters by beosboxboy
Gold's Gym lot by Cinamun
jock strap by marvine
    horse, parallel bars by kathy
Max3D - tennis racket
Mod the Sims 2

    soccer stadium lot by S1N
    soccer shirts for many countries by jlrodasr
    baseball hats by melodie9
    gym posters by maree464
    gym posters by natia128
    workout video by ANGELREAPER
    tracksuits by fanseelamb
    wall clock by SuperMaster
    ballet outfit by sa72tigger
    basketball net and ball by JWoods
    bottled water by jpaugh78
    female referee outfit by roxxy
    bodybuilder mesh by marvine and Beosboxboy
    athletic guy mesh by marvine
    wrestling ring by Bigpimpin15
    Marinetti Gymnasium lot by silvertreedrake
    Sports Center by Drafter_1962
    wrestling singlets by cdpetee
    springboard and rings by sartake
    new mesh hockey jersey by syn28
    dumbbell rack by HChangeri
PC-Sims - playable basketball
Rose Sims - soccerball/football accessory (sticks to the sim's hand or foot so he/she appears to be playing)
Piggi's Sims - nice exercise machine recolors
Retail Sims - freeweights
Sims 2 FeeEssen - gym equipment: uneven bars, horse, rings, mat, stack of mats, more

Sims 2 Kreativ - clothes for Marvine's bodybuilder mesh
Sims 2 Sisters - sexy wall art for the gym
Sims Connection ($) ski resort shop
The Sims Resource ($)
    womens' skates by Dr. Pixel
    beat-up exercise machine, bench, and lockers by NoFrills
    camouflage gym bag by NoFrills
The Sims Vault ($) - St. Louis Cardinals uniforms
Things 4 Sims
    hand weights, skis
in Dekoration > Set "Krims Krams #2"
stairstepper in Dekoration > Set "Krims Krams #3"
Toto-et-Nono - ice hockey set: skates, sticks, and goal

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