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Updated 17-Jan-07

2 Fantastic - Autumn Collection walls
4Ever Simfantasy - modern white oak leaf dimensional wall art under Miscellaneous, set 4
After Midnight Sims - window with artwork featuring a white winged horse kicking up autumn leaves
Annie's Sims Page - Autumn garden
Archive for Mum-Kayz Sims 2
Avalon - giant Fall living room set, under Labrynth
Chinafan Sims - Pumpkin House, page 66 of House
Colorized Sims - Fall Lounge set
Dee's Decor 4 Sims - Rust Flower living room; rugs for Glide home
Edenstyle - Autumn Leaves nursery; thick mens' sweaters
InSIMenator - Autumn sets (tree recolors and terrain paint) by Amber 1981

Linda's Sims 2
    Autumn Leaves set - tree recolors, ground covers
    Neptune Suzy - Sturdy Dining set
    toddler clothes
    Indian corn
Mod the Sims 2
    tree table by boblishman
    "The Woods" (now free) pumpkin and leaves, apple bobbing bucket, cornucopia, lawn leaves, small pile of walk-through leaves, large pile of leaves in which the sims can jump, clothes, terrain
    bedspread by SvJW
Objects for Sims - dining room
One In Ten Sims - bay tree recolors (free)
PC-Sims - Sim Pickin' Apple Orchards - pick apples, play in the leaves, shop at the country store, get something to eat

Parsimonious - vintage crate advertisement featuring a pumpkin
Samba Sims - Automne en Rose elegant mauve wall set
    "Autumn has come" graphic leaf prints;
no name (SM_24.rar) autumn landscape
Sim Estates 2 - maple
SIMful Design ($) - Autumn bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, study, bar; Pumpkin Spice living room
Simmage ($) - large leaf painting
Simply Sims Designs
    Expansion Pack sets - Fall Brushed Gold kitchen
    Warm Rustic Bath
    Fall Allure bedroom
    Fall Pumpkin kitchen
    Fall Outdoor Deco under Misc. Objects - ground cover, fall tree, chair, lounge, table, vases, spa
Simply Simsational - Fall Stripe living room
Sim Showroom - Autumn Brown eyes
Sims 2 Beauty - recolor of
SIMcredible patio set in fall colors
Sims 2 Love
- wall: Victorian children carrying a pumpkin
Sims 2 Marktplatz

    Villa Herbstlaub lot with beautiful autumn landscape and pumpkins on the porch
    Schock&Wahn Einkaufszentrum commercial lot
    Partybunker zur Gruft Nightlife lot
Sims Epidemic - Autumn Room set
Sims Fashion Barn - wheat stalk and pumpkin under Decorative; can go on the floor or on a table. Fall recolors of Maxis trees, under Miscellaneous
Sims Shoppe ($)

    Pumpkin Patch set - pumpkins, fence, jack-o-lantern, groundcover
    Fall Glow bodyshop set - skintone, eyeshadow, hair, eye colors, lashes, lipstick, sims, clothes
Simshome1 - harvest wallpaper
Spiffy Sims - autumn themed rooms in November 14 2005 update by Nethie and Betsy4Arts; autumn girl's outfit by Betsy4Arts
The Complete Sim
- tablecloth
The Sims Resource ($)
    Autumn Tapestries by simaddict99
    fall midbiscus trees by Neptunesuzy
    fall shrubs by Neptunesuzy
       requires Windkeeper's plastic bougainvillea mesh
    Apple Colors living room sets by DOT
    walls by singingwaters:
        Autumn Quilt with Buttons
        Autumn Apples
    Autumn Delight living room by simaddict99
    autumn dress collection by VonNdaSun
    cozy round dining table and chairs by tabbylou
    bedroom set by ljkane
    Autumn Shades rug set by luvs10s
    Autumn Mosiac [sic] kitchen by STP_Carly
    long fall dresses by NeptuneSuzy
    Fall set of dresses for women and girls by Jron
The Sims Vault ($) - jack-o-lantern pie
Totally Sim Crazy 2 - Autumn Leaves dining room
White Hibiscus - pajamas and undies for men and women

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