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Updated 2-Apr-07

11 Dots - bath bottles in IDEAK Bath 1
4Ever Simfantasy
- many deco items in bathroom sets

Around the Sims 2 - nine sets of decorative items
Avalon - Mango Sims towel recolors
Bienchen's Sims 2 World
- toothbrushes in a glass (windowsill object)
Birgit43 - deco items in sauna set: towel, loofah, liquid soap, sandals in sauna set
Debbysims 2 ($) - bath towels
Dincer Hepguler
- toilet paper roll,
hanging towels, dish with bathroom deco, bathrobes
Einfach Simlisch - toilet paper rolls, bath brushes, toiletries, towels
Enchanted Forest - under Decor > Misc
Fashion Show - rolled towels, towels on rack, slippers, tray with beauty products, beauty products, dustbin under Accessories > Others
Game Island

    bath rugs under Objects > Bathroom
    elegant black and pastel paintings of bathroom deco on page 2 of paintings
Gerdi's Sims 2 - Recolors of Chrissie and Solander meshes: toilet paper, towels, bathroom scale, candles (click on Links for photos and download link)

    Meubles > Recolorables > Meshes for basket, towels, incense burner
    Meubles > Sets > Salles de bain > Set Femina - basket, towels
    Meubles > Sets > Salles de bain > Set Margot - perfume bottles
    Meubles > Sets > Salles à manger > Set Hera - incense burner ("encens")
    Meubles > Sets > Autres > Set Jeanne - folded towel
Meshkiste - toilet brush, toilet paper, shampoo and soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste
Mod the Sims 2

    bathroom clutter by nikkibailey
    comb/brush/mirror by Cazkiwi
    bathroom accessories by thefuzmixman: towel ring, towel bar, towel warmer, and towels; soap dish and recolors, toothbrush holder and recolors, toilet paper holder, bathroom clutter, blow dryer
PC-Sims - animated hair brush; functional scale, working shaver
Peggy Sims - slippers
Sim Snobs ($) towels on rack
Simcredible - toiletries under Single Objects > Decor pages 1 and 3
Simplan-x ($) toiletries in Plaza Bathroom
Simply Sims Designs
- towels in Bath Sets (meshes under Misc. Objects), tissue boxes
Sims 2 Beauty -
soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and soap dish in three sets: Badaccessoires Set1/2/3, under Downloads > Objekte > Dekoration
Sims 2 Fans - towels? in Blue Rush bathroom
Sims 2 FeeEssen - electric toothbrush, wall-mounted toothbrush holder, brushes and cup, plugged-in curling iron, commercial bathroom objects, grab bars for handicapped access
Sims 2 Hummingbird Recolors - in Notting Hill bath recolors
Sims 2 Studio
- Set Carla, Hall Ken, Bath Topas, Bad Mignon, Gartenset Summertime
Sims Interior Designs - dark wicker trashbin, tray, and containers
Simtasia - basket with bath items
Sissys Sims 2 Site - towel rack (Solanders Welt mesh), toilet brush and soap dispenser (Einfach Simlisch meshes)
Solander's Welt [World] - bathroom scale on page 4 of sets, towel racks, toilet paper holder
Spiffy Sims
    towel rack mesh by Yggdrasil under Main > TS2 Objects > Furniture > Misc
    towel rack recolor - Penthouse and Masculine Principles bathrooms by Mummysim
    towel rack recolor - Pastel Granite bathroom by LKelly
    towel rack recolor - Pale Wood and Red and Blue bathrooms by Vale
Stuff - basket of toiletries
The Sim Republic ($) soap
The Sims Resource ($)
    shampoo, soap, etc. by Sunair
    bathroom scale by Windkeeper
    tissue boxes by judyhugssnoopy
Tiffy May - toilet paper, brush, towel rack
Wall Sims
    Trendy set ($) - toilet paper
    Neptune bath - brushes, wall shelves, towel rack, freestanding wire shelves
    Marine bath ($) - towels, pillows, dustbin, towel racks
    Luna bath - hair dryer, towel, box with items
    Dandy bath - turquoise perfume bottles
    Hanae bath ($) -
toilet paper, scrubbing brush, trashbin, toothbrushes, bath deco
    Salome teen bedroom ($) - brush and comb
XM Sims - lotion, in bathroom 2

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