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Updated 4-Mar-07

    NEON Diningset 2 wooden shutters
    IDEAK Bath 1 wooden shutters
    ALIANTE Livingset 2
    PLANO Diningset 1
InSIMenator - Mediterranean shuttered windows and doors by olemantiker
Meshkiste - Roman shades; wooden blinds
Mod the Sims 2 - cafe shutters (covers bottom half of windows) by khakidoo
Reflexsims forum
dark wood recolors of olemantiker's windows
       recolors of Sims 2 Play fabric shades
Simaholics R Us - longer length and vertical blinds, under New Meshes
Sims 2 Play
    fabric shades
Tweetysmom's Sims 2 Treasures - exotic silk shades

Bluetes Sims 2 Ecke - here (this site is closed but the downloads are available. Don't click on "Home".)

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