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Updated 3-Jul-07

Annie's Sims Page
Asamo - 2, with Korean food ($)

Besens The Sims 2 Page - in the Bauernkuchen kitchen set
Crystal Clear Sims
DJS Sims

Debbysims 2 ($)
- elegant dark red cloth
Loving Touch Designs ($)
Mary Lou's Sims 2 World - replacement buffet tables and meals
Mel and Her Gang's Sim Playhouse
Mod the Sims 2
    German farmer's kitchen by besen
    buffet tables, with shorter cloths, rounded edges, and deco placement options by Jasana
Neothesims2 - pink, under
Объекты > Столы page 2
Paladin's Place - modified buffet that serves your choice of normal sim meals; can also charge for food
Parsimonious - in dining sets
SSS Designs
Shay's Sims 2 Recolors - Four recolors of Laurel Designs buffet
Simcastic Designs - under Miscellaneous Rooms > Psychedelic New Years Party
SIMful Design ($) under kitchen, outdoors
Simmage ($)
Sims 2 Beauty - 15 buffets in three sets with applied photo images
Sims 2 Bric-a-brac
Sims 2 Day
Sims 2 Ellis - buffet food on patio table
Sims 2 FeeEssen - Christmas
Sims 2 Marktplatz
- Outdoor Hawaii set
Sims4Um - search for Buffettische
Sims-Unity (direct link to page)
Spiffy Sims

    Elegant Dining and Floral Formal Dining sets by SSilver
    Navy and Jade Dining by Mummysim
    Valentine Grotto set by Mummysim
    Birthday Party Bar set by Malitia
    Tropical Pool Set by Betsy4Arts
Sweet Simsations Studio
TS2 DownUnder
The Sim Republic ($) under Themed > Nightclub
The Sim Stop - Antique Lace set
The Sims 2 Downunder
The Sims Resource ($)
    holiday buffets
by Raveena
The Unicorn Sims 2 - under Object Sets 2
Vita Sims ($) buffet (furniture) with sims buffet food (new mesh)
Wood for Sims - ($) in Bamboo Kitchen set
Xuan Sims - outdoor

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