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Updated 1-Mar-07

(windows, doors, stairs, fences)

11 Dots - modern
2-for-u - metal mesh floors, transparent colored floors, windows
4Ever Simfantasy - windows and doors included with some object sets

After Midnight Sims 2 - church stained-glass windows, gazebos, many decorative stained-glass windows and doors, iron grille windows and doors, prison window
Aussie Top Enders - Victorian arched doorway, doors with intricately painted designs in the panels, retextured doors and windows, rustic wooden doors, art nouveau designs on glass doors, stained glass windows and doors, rustic/pioneer style door and window sets, stairs, Tiffany stained glass windows
Avalon - Moroccan, goth/halloween
Avenida Sims - transparent colored floors in 65 colors, doors and windows, window grilles, Japanese style roof textures, recolored roofs, lighted outdoor archways
Babbyebe Sims - unusual modern doors and windows; Asian style floor-to-ceiling window, modern rail-less staircase
Bienchens Sims 2 World - under Sets > Misc pages 1, 3, 4 and 5, retextured and recolored windows and doors, fancy blue and white windows and door with molding and shutters, windows with windowsills and deco objects, flowerboxes. Under Single Objects > Misc, one staircase with carpeting and two window recolors.
Bines Sim Revue - staircases under Objects > Misc; dark brown window and door set under Objects > Build Mode
Bluetes Sims 2 Ecke - recolors and retextures of windows, doors, and staircase
Cindy's Sims - one ornately carved door
Coffee Time Sims
Colorized Sims - modern doors, windows, and columns

dh-sims-site - bay window, window grilles
DJS Sims - University bathroom doors
Dreamland Sims - stained glass doors, Moroccan door, and door and window recolors under Möbel > Allerlei
Eagle & Dove
Eclectic Sims

    Superstar windows under New Objects > Sets
    matte glass arch under Recolours > Arches
    matte glass and plain oak door under Recolours > Doors
    oak recolors under Recolours > Windows
Elva Sims
Grapholina's Sims
Holy Simoly! - stairs, fireplace, weathered doors and windows, door and window recolors, window awnings (under Deco)
Max Sims - ladders
Mermaid Cove
Meshkiste - fake modern stone stairs, ladders
Mod the Sims 2

    spacesaver (two-tile) ladder stairs by Targa
    wooden ladder by Targa
lattice walls by nengi65
Modern Sim Objects
Mum-Kayz Sims 2 - recolors of Bitzybus's (The Sims Resource) corner fireplace
Piggis Sims - windowsill, doors, windows, stairs
Retail Sims - fiberglass insulation bundles
SSS Designs
Sim Edition
Sim Estates 2
Sim Frenzy
Sim Gedohns
Sims 2 Beauty - doors and windows in primary colors
Sims 2 Sisters
Sims of Hades
Sims Suisse
Simply Sims Designs - corner fireplace
Simsfamily (Turen, Fenster, Treppen)
Simsnetwork - trees
Sims Divine - windows, doors, roofs, ground cover
Sims Marktplatz

Sophisiticated Sims
Spiffy Sims
Stuck Up Sims
SunniSims - white iron fence, white door and archway
Tarox - fireplaces under Vershiedenes and Recolors; column, balustrate, and marble pool surround under Recolors
The Complete Sim
The Honey Drop
The Sim Stop
The Sims 2 Downloads - painted, carved, and stained glass doors; Maxis recolors; wooden floors; terrain
The Sims Resource
Those Krazy Sims - doorway recolors
TiffyMay - fireplaces
VRZone1 - staircases; white window and door recolors

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