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Updated 8-Apr-07

4Ever Simfantasy
    Living 9, Living 5, Dining 5, Bedroom 7, Christmas candles in Other 7
Asamo - in purple sofa set
Avalon - recolor of Sims2 Forever candle bowl in Blue Lotus dining set; shelf of square pastel candles in East Poplar dining set
Around the Sims - candles on silver tray, in Ethnic Bedroom
Avenida Sims - wall-mounted candelabra, candles, and hurricane lamps under Lighting
Besen's Sims 2 Page
    Ritterruhe bedroom set
    Part 4 of Leoni bedroom set
    Page 6 of Curtains/Decoratives - dining table settings with candles
    Page 5 of Curtains/Decoratives - Advent candles
Bluetes Sims 2 Ecke - round candles in wooden holders here
Caravan Shop Sims 2 - under Church; small white wall-mounted candles and three pillar candles in Arcan living room
Coventry Corners - periwinkle blue candles on white tray under Buy > Misc
DJS Sims - tan and blue in tray, under Lighting
Dreamland Sims - in Burgund bathroom (recolor of Pimp My Sims wall-mounted mesh). Also hanging Advent wreath under Christmas.
Edenstyle - gold in dark tray, in Bathroom #4
Ella Sims - black tabletop candelabra with white candles in Ina living room
Esse Ti Sims Royale - gold tabletop candelabra in Christmas Time bedroom set
Fresh Prince Creations - bedside candleholder in Nania bedroom set
Glamorous Lounge - candle bown in Fine Bathroom
Guderuns Sims - wrought iron candle stands on page 3 of Deco
Hummingbird Recolors
    Pure Romance bedroom
    Exotic Blue Lounge recolor of Studio B43 outdoor set
    Blue 4Ever Simfantasy living room set
    Christmas outdoor set
Lurania - under Arredamento > Esterno
Nelly Sims 2 - bowl of candles, in Calista dining room (also a pillar candle?)
Pimp My Sims
Purple Juice
    large candle group in Tiffany turquoise and orange, in Cottage Outdoor and Purity Bathroom sets
    pillar candles and Maxis recolors in living room sets
    many candelabras and a couple of pillar candles in bedroom sets
    wall-mounted candle holder in Hallao dining room
    candle chandelier, hurricane candles, and other candles under Specials
    candle stands and tabletop candles by Alban (Purple Juice)
    candle pack by Alban
    Tiffany turquoise, white pillar candle groups by Alban
    "1 candle"; screencap shows large pillar candles on stands plus other candles seen in other sets by Alban
    "1 candles place, 1 candles pack" in Alban's In My Heart living room
Serenity Sims
    large dark bowl with candles in recolor of Simply Styling living room
    smaller golden bowls with candles in recolor of 4ESF Antique living room and in recolor of Tarox living room set
    pillar candles on a tray in recolor of 4ESF living room
Simanitarium 2 - under Decorative: restaurant votives; vintage photo and candle
Simcastic Designs
    salmon candles in silver tray in Starlight bathroom
    wooden wall-mounted candelabras, under Objects > Decorative
    white candles in slate blue tray in Blue living room
Simgedohns - in Sekto Sauna
Simplan-x - Objects page 6
Simply Styling
Sims 2 by Nish - red tabletop and floor candelabras
Sims 2 FeeEssen - purple recolor of Guderuns Sims candlestand and candle
Sims 2 Recol - in Happy Valentime and Happy Valentime 2 sets, under Recolors > Themen/Deko
Studio B43 - tray of candles in Dedon outdoor set
Stylishly Tiggerific TS2 - circle of wall-mounted candles in Eleglam Living Room
Twisted Sims - nice Maxis recolors
The Sims Resource - Succinct Block Candle and recolors by laurel37
Wildalpiin - Maxis recolors

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