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Updated 1-Apr-07

Anita The Sims 2 - JEssica Alba, Sarah Michelle Gellar
Annas Sims 2 - Johnny Depp
Blacky's Sims 2 Zoo - Brad Pitt,
Maggie Smith as Minerva McGonagall
Breakaway Sims
Cafofo Sims
Designer Sims - Dave Chappelle
Dimora Sims - under Skins Stars pag1
Eye Candy
Famously Yours

JustSims2 - new Angelina Jolie by ReginaS; many more
LiSims.it - celebrities and Charmed characters
Mellisenda's Sims 2 - Winona Ryder
Mod the Sims 2
(only the best ones that I noticed are listed here)
    Renee Zellweger by vexedvixen
    Angelina Jolie by ReginaS
    Rachel Weisz by whiteshadows
    RuPaul by icedmango
    Keira Knightley by jameLia
    Kirsten Dunst by ihavenoteeth
Peggy Sims 2 - under Model > Celebrities: Britney Spears, Beyonce, Paris Hilton
Pinky's Simsoap
Sapphire Sims
Serasims - Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson

Sims 2 Beauty - under Skins
Sims 2 Cri - under Downloads > Sim-celebrity > Celebrity: Celebrity Mix, Gilmore Girls
Sims 2 Like It Hot
Sims 2 Luxe
Sims 2 Marktplatz
Simtasia, Too!
Simultaneous Designs ($)
Tecno Sims - under Los Sims 2, click on Descargas. Under Celebrity, click on Famosos or Famosas
The Honey Drop - Catherine Zeta-Jones
The Sims Resource ($) by Charlie
Vita Sims - click on Heads

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