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Updated 3-Jul-07

Joelle says: "[If] you have a house phone in the
church [you] can even throw a wedding party, but make sure that your sims move in together before they get married or the invited sim will end up in the family bin."

ReligioSims (now free) Currently offers Christian and Jewish objects; looks like Muslim, Pagan, and Other themes are planned

Chinafan Sims - church by Max
Everyday Sims 2 -
St. Mary's Church and Community Hall
Mod the Sims 2
Modern chapel, reception hall, and cemetery by Szandor                                                                                                                    
Baroque domed basilica by Gonorio
Victorian-style church with bell tower, confessional, cemetery and flower shop by Evilgab
Stone castle-like church and cemetery by DeanoTIK
Swedish church by Lisen801
Country-style church by lordgaret2000
Traditional English church and graveyard by clawz001
Gothic church and Voillet [sic] le Duc Gothic church by iamcoming
Cathedral by swiper
Old wedding cathedral by Yuurei
Norman church by Michael_the_choirboy
Church with catacombs by AccioJosh
Community Worship Center by MajorEd
Church/reception hall/apartments by Baxter
Notre Dame des Pommes cathedral by davideva
a church in the desert by davideva
baptismal font, altar, pulpit, cross by DBCAB
PC-Sims - The Village Church at Christmastime by nengi65
Sim Estates - modern church, Sacred Heart Cemetery
Sim 2 World - church
Sim World - St. Elizabeth's Church in Marburg
Ard Righ Cathedral (shown below) "An ancient stone cathedral loosely inspired by Dublin's magnificent Christ Church Cathedral. Features a wedding chapel, reception room, priest's cell, cemetery, and a fantastic crypt and catacombs."
St. Ariella Cathedral "A beautiful cathedral with a wedding chapel, reception room and also an expansive library." HUGE.
Sims 2 Arena - church and cemetery by Dschiny
Simsemans Baumarkt - Curia Basilensis (monastery?)
Spiffy Sims - All Saints lot by Tiko (converted to family home)
The Sims Zone - St. Oswald's Church
VJ Development - Sacred Heart Church
Vita Sims - Wedding House, Orthodox church with gold domes
Zonasimnet - cathedral
Chinafan Sims - Temple Qing Long, BaiHu, XuanWu, and ZhuQue by

Mod the Sims 2 - Masjid As Salaam Mosque by Selrach
After Midnight Sims - church (stained glass) windows
Amethyst's Flying Circus - pews
Besen's Sims 2 Page -
page 4 of Curtains/Decoratives - crosses, Bible, and "Christmas book" (Weihnachtsbuch)
Blacky's Sims 2 Zoo - church set
Caravan Shop Sims 2 -
altar, baptismal font, Bible open on stand
Crystal Clear Sims - Noah's Ark nursery
Dincer Hepguler - tabletop altar with cross and candle
Dragn Design - Stations of the Cross paintings in Decor
pictures, window, Bible on a table, screen, ornate piano
painting: Saint Catherine blessing the children
paintings of 50 saints
painting: Christ in the Rio Grande Valley by Gauguin
Marina's Sims 2 - Gothic stone planter, rug runners
Mod the Sims 2
Cross by Emericaskat
Community lot gravestones by gir110
Casket by mickyss
Church statue and huge stained-glass window by DBCAB
Rooftop cross and religious paintings by lordgaret2000
Religious-themed walls by artuad1971
Limestone exterior walls from an actual church by wyzzard
Crosses by zedrik

          Noah's Ark playable toy by crowridgestudio
working confessional by DBCAB
cathedral windows by Moon_Ez
church steeple with bell by jobtwo
stained glass Octurn window by DBCAB
stained glass illustration in Octurn window by Moon_Ez
prayable cross by Dincer Hepguler
Nativity scene by suiryuue
vase with painting of Cain and Abel by XTS

Objects for Sims 2 - metal cross
large crucifix freestanding statues
by KevinsHope
     tabletop cross, Bible, pew, wall-mounted cross,
          and prayer candle rack by
     interactive prayer candle rack by Kevin and Worship
Pam's Themes - walls: Sistine Chapel, cathedral
Sapphire Sims 2
Octothorp Atrium Window - Church Style w Stained Glass window and Out Of The Dark Ages - 2 Storie - Church/Medieval Style window by Moon_EZ
Sim World - double door with pointed arch and trefoil window
Simaholics R Us - artwork in The Medevil [sic] dining room
Simplan-X ($) Wedding set: beautiful white, red, and gold altar, podium, table, and pews under Themes. Would work well as a Christmastime set or for a very elegant church
Sims 2 Ellis - cross, altar with (Orthodox) icon
Sims 2 FeeEssen - outdoor icon shrine, altar, lighted crucifix, confessional, playable organ,
Sims 2 Marktplatz - Lake Simstown church
Sims 2 Sisters - elegant garden benches that could be used for church pews
Sims Fashion Barn - framed icons
The Sims - Noah's Ark painting for a nursery room under Objekty » Od fanousku, page 6
The Sims Zone - Last Supper painting, wall mural
Vita Sims - edible Easter cake ("kulich"), icon eggs and candles, icons
YMW Productions - painting "The Entombment"
Asamo - Buddah (free)
Dincer Hepguler - Tibetan prayer wheel
Mod the Sims 2
Buddah neighborhood object by wintermuteai1
Asian mountaintop monastery set by Brasstex
Religiosims - prayer bells, flags
Serenity Sims - Buddah paintings

Sims 2 feeEssen - Buddah
The Sims Resource ($)
    golden Buddah mural by iZazu

Mod the Sims 2
Eid set: wall hanging, bulletin  board with prayer schedule, vases by roseisred
Amethyst's Flying Circus - Hannukah tapestry
Avalon - Holiday Blues (Hannukah) set
K and B Designs - Judaica
Mod the Sims 2
Prints by KalicoKat
star of David sculpture by DBCAB
Sims Connection ($) The Ark of the Covenant
The Sims Resource ($)
    synagogue windows by Chrissy6930

Alex Sims 2 Skins - priest and rabbi in broad-shouldered and fat body types
All About Style - nun, priest skins
Asamo - cross (free)
Design Sims 2 Tarox - old-fashioned nun
Edenstyle - nun, priest - Don Abbondino (Italian priest in hat, scarf, and black robe)
Mod the Sims 2
Priest and nun skins by morellco
nun's habit by EnblithTheFair
elder nun's habit
novice's (teen) habit

Mary and baby Jesus (sims) by ReginaS
Norman church with priest by Michael_the_choirboy
Pico's Multiwear - bishop
Rose Sims 2 - nun
Sapphire Sims 2 - halo
Mod the Sims 2
Tibetan Buddhist monks by aimlesscoyote
Buddhist monk by wintermuteai1
The Complete Sim - Buddah wallpaper

Mod the Sims 2
Abaya/jelbab/jubah by Bettye                                        
Chadar by Bettye
Female sim by Nevena92
Pico's Multiwear - mullah
Mod the Sims 2
Kippah/kippot/yarmulke/skullcap by Ravynlee
Star of David necklace by Ravynlee
Kippah set for child through elder by mal1958
Pico's Multiwear - rabbi
Prime Time Sims - kippot
for males of all ages
Mod the Sims 2
Pastor career by AlbinoNoodle
Priest career by gk4495

Sims 2 Sisters -
Eastern Orthodox walls

SIMplicity-Lane - Ard Righ Cathedral

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