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Updated 9-Apr-07

4 Ever Simfantasy
After Midnight Sims 2 - awesome high fashion clothes
Alice Fashion
All About Style
All Dolled Up
Angelina's Sims 2
Anita The Sims 2
Anything Goes Sims 2 - a few quirky/punk
Around the Sims 2
Artemistha - adult alternative lifestyle clothing; click on the Downloads menu triangle, then click on AM/YAM/TM
ArtfulOne's Designs for the Sims
Besen's Sims 2 Page - contemporary and historic
Big City Sims
Bines Sim Revue
Black Dress - one jeans-and-t-shirt outfit
Blackbird's Sims 2 Downloads - look under category "Kleider-Männer-Erwachsen"
Black's DresSims2 Lab - click on Abbigliamento
Blacky's Sims 2 Zoo - under category "Kleider-Männer-Erwachsen"
Blue Eyes - students only
Blue Sims
BlueSpirits SimWorld
Breakaway Sims
Cat and Susim's - cowboy and biker
Chinafan Sims - page 47, 38, 22, 16, 14, 13, 12, 9, 6, 3, 1
Chi-Sa-Go - under Downloads > Boutique > Männer
Crystal Clear Sims
DJS Sims
Designer Sims
Distant Eyes
Everybody Loves the Sims 2 - click on Vestiti maschio
Fowos Simpage
Franisims 2
Freaky Kiss
Game Island
GARA's Boutique - under Etc.
Genensims - no shirt, leather pants
Glamorous Lounge - one D&G tee with necklace
Glorious Sims
Green Day Sims
Pegassims 2
Poison Pink Lemons
Pretty Sims
Real Sims Blvd.
Sapphire Sims 2 - nice tee and jeans outfits by bundi2
Sheyla's Sims 2
Sims 2 Love
Sims International Male
The Sims 2 UK
Trendy Couture
XM Sims

hnote - look for Downloads > Kleidung (m)
Jany Stránky o The Sims 2 - three shirts
Kaermie - a couple of mens' suits for clubbing
Linda's Glamour Sims
Lovely Sims - a few for toddlers and adults
Luxy Sims - a few for adults; one shirt for teens
M.Style - three adult mens' swim trunks
Mango-Sims or Mistaya - a few
Martin & BDees - a few
MaryLou's Sims 2 World - a few for toddlers and teens; click on Abiti
Max3D SimSite - a couple, under Single Objects > Cloth
Mellisenda's Sims 2
- a few
Mermaid Cove
Mia Sims 2 Downloads
Mod Kitty Sims
Mod the Sims 2
My Sims World - a few very unusual ones - not for Bob Newbies ;)
Objects for Sims 2 - just two
Orange Edition
OSND Simskins
Pam's Themes
Peggy Sims 2
Pciukk - a handful
Pimp My Sims
Pixel Sims
Prime Time Sims 2 (some adult)
ProchiSims 2
Pronup Sims - wedding formals
Romance Sims - a few for men and boys
Samba Sims 2 - click on GardeRobe
Shiny Sims
Sim 2 Jocks
Sim Creation - a few
Sim Cribbling
Sim Dreams
Sim 'e Napule 2 (small)
Sim Edition
Sim Gedohns
Si(m) la lueppi - a few
Sim People and Me - traditional Japanese robe and shorts; underwear
Sim Secrets
Sim Sins - a few
Sim World
Simbuktu - a few (registration required)
Simcredible Designs
- three shirts
Simmerville - a few tanks
Simpatico Sims
Simplicity Lane - a few
Simply Simsational
Simply Skintastic - elders
Sims 2 4 Ever
Sims 2 Atelier

Sims 2 Beauty (in German; look for "mannlich")
Sims 2 Boutique
Sims 2 Center ($)
Sims 2 Clothing
Sims 2 Cri
Sims 2 Destiny
Sims 2 Family
Sims 2 Fan (some adult)
Sims 2 feeEssen - a few
Sims 2 for Simscorner
Sims 2 Illusion
Sims 2 Life
Sims 2 Luxe
Sims 2 Marktplatz
Sims 2 Me
Sims 2 Net

Sims 2 Off the Rack
Sims 2 Paradise - one outfit, one athletic
Sims 2 RU - look under Скины Мужские (Skiniy Muzhskiy - mens' skins)
Sims 2 Studio
Sims 2 Suchtis
Sims 2 Things (registration required)
Sims 2 World - a few
Sims 2 Zone - a few (registration required)
Sims 4 Life - look for Modehaus - Herren
Sims Connection - in the free section, athletic outfits, bike shorts and t's, and a couple of Levis
Sims and the City - a shirt for now
Sims Dream City - 1 camo outfit; one black T and nicely faded jeans
Sims...Find Ich Gut
Sims Fan
Sims Go Go Go
Sims Go Go Go Under[wear]

Sims ID - toddlers and boys
Sims Luna 2 - one outfit under Hombres > Cotidianos
Sims of Hades 2 - a handful of t's
Sims Suisse - you will need to be able to read French to figure out which clothes might be for a man, as no pics are shown unless you click on the link
Sims Treasure Box - one outfit
SimSazolie - a few
Simsbau - one toddler's outfit
Simsfashion by Micha
Sims Paradies
Simsylvania - a handful
Simthang - under Collections
Sissys Sims 2 site - a few
Sky Sims 2
Snooty Sims
Spiffy Sims
Star Sims 2
Street Chicers
Sumaris Sims
Summer Sims
Sunni Sims
Tecno Sims
The Blarney Stone - a few
The Honey Drop - board shorts; one pajama bottom
The Logan Corner
The Simpire
The Sims
- under Download » Obleceni » Dospeli » Muzi
The Sims 2 Download
The Sims 2 Exchange
The Sims 2 Factor
The Sims 2 Get Dressed - a handful
The Fanseite - a few
The Sims 2 Mania
The Sims 2 Website
The Sims Generations
Those Krazy Sims - a few toddler outfits
Totally Sim Crazy 2
Trendy Sims 2 (look under "Maschio")
Turk Sims 2 - Under Dosyalar, click on Giysiler (that's the only working link), then click on Yetişkin
Tuulia Productions
Under Your Skin
Vamp Life
Varotica's Fashion
Villa Sim - just a couple
Vita Sims
VRZone1 - just a few
Wall Sims
White Hibiscus
With Sim Love 2
YMW Productions

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