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Updated 19-Jun-07

Caravan Shop Sims 2 - cocktails in Sunset living room (patio set)
Digital Perversion - print of Bettie Page lounging in a cocktail glass
Distant Eyes ($) Liquor bottles and glasses on a tray
Independent Sims - paintings
InSIMenator - framed prints by Amber1981
Limmerfer's SIms 2 - Martini, Cocktail posters - artwork, under Arredamento > Decorazioni > Quadri
Meshkiste - liquor bottles under Lampen/Deko
Mod the Sims 2 - open wall bar by lastrie, Cognac Cannon by feeEssen
PC-Sims - tray with martini glasses and bottle
Retail Sims - liquor store and bar accessories
Simplan-x - bottle of Bailey's Irish Creme liqueur
Sims Cybers - tropical drink prints
Studio B43 ($) modern bar with liquor bottles and cocktail shaker
The Sims Resource ($)
   Shades of Brown artwork by iZazu
   Cocktail Time set by Simaddict99: ice bucket, shaker set, blender, cocktails

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