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Updated 18-Feb-07

4Ever Simfantasy - white carafe and cups in Dining 7
Around the Sims 2
    picture of an espresso pot in a silver frame
Artprints for Sims 2 - Cafe Brasil, Cappucino (11---1.06.2005), set of four coffee prints (Bilder Coffee)
Avalon - poster
Birtge - two framed prints
Café Chocolait - four prints: Espresso, Coffee, Latte, Espresso
Chinafan Sims - coffee, open book, glasses on page 38
Classy Sims Designs - Coffee Cup kitchen set with coffee framed print and walls
Independent Sims - posters
InSIMenator - framed prints by Amber1981
    round dome cakestand with coffee mugs and muffins
Mod the Sims 2
    Coffee cup hack by J. M. Pescado - sims now put the coffee cup in the dishwasher instead of walking miles to a table
    Coffeehouse menu by HChangeri
    Starbucks style coffeehouse set by Lady M.
    Coffee...You can sleep when you're dead poster, more by cheekywench
    breakfast tray and coffee by Cazkiwi
    three prints by justmoi
    two prints by justmoi

    steaming coffee cup prints by Euyonimus
    coffee mill by HChangeri
Myriade - Camp Fire Coffee advertisement
Nengi's Builds and Things - set of prints
PC-Sims - set of prints
    "Cafes Chocolats" poster in Shalimar Feels at Home kitchen brown recolor
Conference room by Teko: coffee machine
Serenity Sims
    four floor-standing prints, under Decoration
    coffee pot and four cups, in India-Set living room
Sim Gedohns ($) carafe and mugs in Loft Office set
Simcrow - recolors of coffee and espresso machines
Simply Simsational - set of two pictures
Sims 2 Studio - coffee carafe and mug in Tearoom and Patioset Cleo
Sims Connection ($) Starbucks set
StudioB43 - coffee pot and four cups
Tarox - coffee cups and dishes in kitchen sets under Verschiedenes
The Sims Resource
    four coffee-themed prints of Björn Baar by sisterofchaos
    three paintings and frame by Mutske
    coffee shop lots by various creators
    coffee shop blackboard menus by HChangeri
    coffee shop paintings by SpringwolfDecor
    coffee pot wall clock by Raveena
          requires Bitzybus's mesh
    coffeehouse picture set by jewls2115
The Simz Zone - cappucino painting
TS2 Downunder - Coffee at the Park lot
VariousSimmers forum - coffeehouse set by Carrigon
Vita Sims - coffee sets (pot, cream, sugar, cup, saucer) - artworks
Wall Sims
Harmony bedroom set ($) - coffee carafe and mug
    Tamara office set ($) - coffee set

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