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Updated 19-Apr-07

Calalily Sims


Alex Sims 2 Skins
Blue Sims
Distant Eyes - girl's costume, toddler girl outfits
Mod the Sims 2
    Titania, Queen of the (goth) Fairies by TheGreatXL
Halloween fairy girl by Mono Chaos
    dresses by sayyadina
    teen fairy costume by Sup@tramp
    wings by Saikatsu
    toddler wings
by Distant Eyes
fairy eyes by FionaAzreal
paintings by makibird
Tinkerbell by c1n1st3r
Pico's Multiwear Sims 2 Fashion
Rivkah Sims 2 - pastel fairy outfits
Rose Sims - brilliantly colored feathery wings
Sapphire Sims 2
Sims 2 Center - ($) girl's Sugar Plum Fairy costume
Sims 2 Fashion

Sims 2 Marktplatz
Sims TV
Spiffy Sims - child's costume
The Sims Resource ($)

    girl's Gothic fairy by galilea
    girl's Christmas fairy costume by galilea

    girl's Random Hearts fairy by auracyan
    adult woman's Creatures of the Night, Evil Fairy by nablanabla
    girl's Little Autumn, Winter, and Spring fairy costumes by fharbour
    girl's fairy costume by tiefliga
    adult female costumes by VioletDawson
    ...many more
Toodles Trends - girl's fairy costume
Toto et Nono - spring fairies
Under-your-skin - teen's fairy dress
XM Sims

Sim Snobs Gifts - puzzle
Sims 2 Cri - artwork
Spiffy Sims

    Fairy on Green bedroom by ead425
    Fairies and Unicorn bedroom by ead425
    pictures by SSilver
The Complete Sim - paintings
The Sim Republic ($) calendars
The Sims Resource ($)
    Fairy theme bedroom sets by ead425 and solfal
    Nursery sets by jeyca and foxybaby3
    Art by arenaria

YMW Productions - paintings

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