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Updated 26-Jun-07

Artistic Habitats ($) wrought-iron bed with entwined flamingo design
Better Living Through Sims - Flamingo painting under Paintings > Suspense (Maxis painting)

Crystal Clear Sims - Retro bathroom by dancing aphrodite with flamingo tapestry
Limmerfer's Sims 2 - Flamingo Club set, under OFB

Mod the Sims 2 - flamingo neon light recolors by Purplepaws; flamingo tee by howardlpeters

Objects for Sims 2 - kitchen

PG's Sims 2 - Maxis flamingo recolors
Parsimonious - wacky flamingo outfits and swimwear for adults and elders by SalixTree

Sims 2 feeEssen - outdoor flamingo (bird)

SimSvet - Club Flamingo

Sims Vikito - dark pink neon flamingo

Spiffy Sims
    Pink Flamingo bedroom by Betsy4Arts; bedding, lamp, and framed paintings include flamingos
    walls ("Raspberry") by Mummysim


The Sims Resource ($)
    bedding by bluemeany1972
    flamingo-shaped bar/lounge by Fooser
    Pink Flamingo Diner by Malitia
    flamingo bath by STPCarly
wall border set by Primetime024
framed print of plastic lawn flamingos by agaliha5

The Sims Zone - flamingos on black bedding

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