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Updated 3-Jul-07

Avalon - half a watermelon in
Pure LIving set
Asamo - free Korean food
Chi-Sa-Go - supermarket items: snack, condiments, egg carton, bakery items, flour, bottled beverage
Exnem's Sims ($, adult) - fried eggs and bacon, apple cheesecake, filet mignon, shrimp, pumpkin pie, doughnuts, pizza, fried chicken, sushi, muffins, cookies
Gay Sims Club 2 - Krispy Kremes, Dunkin Donuts, and Tim Horton's!!!
InSIMenator Forum - currently: baby food mush, gingerbread man cookie, stir fry, pies, clam chowder, ice cream cones, chocolate chip cookies, beer can, fruit salad, potato salad, double-decker ham sandwich, pops, strawberry Crepes Suzette, pop tarts, heart cake, cakes, soups, seafood salad, sodas, sausage dogs, breakfast cereal, BLT sandwich, steak sandwich, Fritos, Cheetos, pudding, chocolate milk, pizza pocket, milkshakes, scones, pancakes, tortellini
Max3D -
Italian packaging replacements for sim meals: macaroni, cookies, spaghetti. New meal: Insalata di Riso. Kellog's cereal packaging.
Mary Lou's Sims 2 World -
quiches and cakes, replacement buffets
Missing Studios
Mod the Sims 2
    chocolate birthday cake by fanseelamb
ried fish (mojarra) by exnem
    fried eggs with bacon by exnem
    prime cut T-bone steak by exnem
    pies and cheesecakes
    pasta, herbs and meatballs by beckyboda
    Hamburger Helper - Three Cheese by TooShort4
chocolate chip cookies by fireflies
submarine sandwiches by pacotacoplayer
    cookies by exnem
Viennoiseries by bibidoublezero
    French pastries by bibidoublezero
    Eggs Benedict by -NYX-
    edible watermelon by crocobaura
Ogularama - edible nachos
    fresh fruit and vegetables, yogurt, ice cream (take from the fridge and eat uncooked like a snack)
lasagne (deco)
Paladin's Place - Star Trek-style food replicator
Sims 2 Cri - famous cereal brands; cakes; Panettone
Sims 2 Me - under Hacks

Simslice - group meals
Simsologies - chocolate birthday cake, under Nos Créations > Miscellaneous icon
Suggar's Sims 2 - framed pasta, bread, vegetable prints
Those Krazy Sims

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