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Updated 30-Jun-07

8th Deadly Sim ($) furnace, connectable ducts
Alex Pilgrim 2 - mechanic's outfit
Birgit43 ($) "Outside"donation set: lawnmower, garden bench, watering can, wheelbarrow, coiled garden hose
Caravan Shop Sims 2 - Trash Garage set: workbench shown below, plus beat-up sofa, tire, bare bulb, more
Linda's Sims 2 - attic wall, floor, crate, old toybox and desk, pile of wood, old rug, cobweb, ($) basement bathroom
Maree464 Sims 2 Stuff - old license plate wall display
Meshkiste - lawnmower, industrial metal barrel; bag of charcoal? label translates as "grill charm - hot and low fat"
Mod the Sims 2
    cardboard boxes by suiryuue
    tire by Cazkiwi
    garage walls with pegboard and tools images
    utility shelves by Reyn
    toolbox by fardly83
Ogularama - oil drums
Plussimmers - wooden toolbox
Savage Sims - red toolbox on casters, air compressor
Sea, Sims and Sun - Workbench and tool board (shown below)

Simpatico Sims
- broom
Simplan-X ($) toolbox, pallets, drum, dolly, workbench, tools, more
Sims 2 FeeEssen - fire extinguisher, wheelbarrow, table saw, garden hose and spout, industrial items, lawnmower, coal cellar,
Sims 2 Tech - household propane tank, commercial toolbox
Sims Connection - child's red wagon
The Sim Republic ($) under Themes > Garage/Garden: water heater, lawnmower, red wagon, furnace, lawn products, paint, central air conditioning outdoor unit, calendars, boxes

The Sims Resource
    Rusty's Garage object set by DOT. Old wall-mounted pool ladder, pool cues, tire, calendar, boxes, fire extinguisher, dustpan and brush, sponge mop, truck recolor, old truck front seat (seating), old set of luggage (seat), oil-stained floor
    furnace by Suiryuue
    fire extinguisher by cyclonesue
    A Guy's Garage by Simaddict99 - counters, locker, mini fridge, wall cabinet, shelves, pegboard, tools, toolbox, corkboard, pinups
Things4Sims - metal stepladder
Wall Sims - WS_Garage: pipes,extinguisher, barrel, fuel bottles, tools, cart, tire, old fuel ads and counter

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