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Updated 15-Apr-07

Garden buildings
Blacky's Sims 2 Zoo - children's log playhouse and recolors
Meshkiste - treehouse, outhouse, enclosed pavilion under Draussen
Sims 2 Recol - recolors of Meshkiste meshes
Wildalpiin - recolors of Meshkiste meshes

4 Ever Simfantasy - decorative trellis, fence, awning, plants, rocks
After Midnight Sims - Victorian gazebo recolor
Alles f
ür die Sims 2 - rock and brick exterior walls with climbing plants
Artistic Habitats ($) awesome trellises and columns; raised flower boxes

Artful One's Stuff - watering can paintings
Asamo - hammock, fish for pond ($)
Aussie Topenders - plants, pots
Avenida Sims - plants covered by snow
Birgit43 ($) "Outside"donation set: chimenea, heater lamp, lawnmower, swing seat, patio set, lounge, garden bench, watering can, wheelbarrow, coiled garden hose, barrel and pump, stepping stones
Blackys Sims 2 Zoo - Lutyens garden bench and recolors; garden bench, chair and round table, chair and square table
Cookie Sims - palm trees, beach sand
Debbysims ($) many new garden, tree, and flower meshes
Holy Simoly ($)
Natural Springs rock spa
Jazeks Häuser - many garden community lots
Linda's Sims 2 - rock garden - groundcover, flowers, trees
Marina's Sims 2 - Gothic stone planters and fountains; stone benches
    many patio-themed objects
    orchard set: ladder, baskets
Mod the Sims 2
    pond water recolors by Targa
    weathered stone garden seat by boblishman
    recolor of ladder and diving board for use with a dock by tkdjunkie
instructions for making a swimmable lake by tkdjunkie
house with a swimmable lake by tkdjunkie
white gazebo by JayAngel
Mary Lou's Sims 2 World -
daisies and pansies to make round modular flowerbeds
PG's Sims 2 - decorative mushroom, snail, ladybug; fountains, Asian garden light, awnings, gazebos, flamingos
Reflexsims - sleepable hammock, lighted torches, canopy, new grill mesh ($)
Reflexsims forum - Jonesi has many new meshes for gardens and patios
Savage Sims - Big Brother garden set (clear plastic chair, outside polo chair, pool microphone, plant box, garden lamp, plastic green dog); wheelbarrow with flowers; boat ($)
Sim 'e Napule 2 - gazebo
Sims 2 Arena -
May 2006 Garden Event
Sims 2 Beauty
    windowboxes - search for "Balkonblumen", or look for downloads dated 03.05.2006
water lilies in  Wasserlilie01/02/03/04 under Downloads > Objekte > Outdoor
Sims 2 Ellis - birdhouse
Sims 2 feeEssen - boats; recolor of Sims 2 Recol outhouse; windsurfers
Sims 2 Me - watering can, garden shears, window flower boxes, rose bushes, lilac bush, ferns, trees from custom meshes, hedges, bushes, flowers, bamboo, pine trees, strawberry plant. Look under Sets > Misc, Single Objects > Misc, and Meshes.
Sims 2 Recol -
modern little outhouses

Simplan-X ($) garden tools
Sims 2 FeeEssen - recolors of Sims 2 Me's watering can and garden shears, Wellies (boots)
Sims 2 Play - circular contained gardens
Sims 2 Sisters - elegant garden benches
Simslice -
apple, orange, palm, and crabapple trees with edible fruit; pizza garden and edible cactus
Spiffy Sims
    Watering can by Yggdrasil
under Main > TS2 Objects > Furniture > Misc
    Flower-filled cart by LaLunaRossa
Studio B43 (same as Meshkiste) hammock; kids' playset, seating, gazebo
The Countycottage forum - pretty fence mesh
The Sim Republic ($) under Themes > Garage/Garden: lawnmowers, grass seed, birdbaths
The Sim Shop - Talavera garden set
The Sims Resource ($)
    gardening center by simaddict99 (potting table, shelf, watering can, pots, hand rake and spade, "Live to Garden" decorative plaque
    The Garden Room girl's bedroom by Dotcombuilder; includes picket fence-style daybed
    watering can wall clocks by Bitzybus
    gazebo by Simaddict99
    Rose Garden Cottage with greenhouse by hatshepsut
    wishing well planters by Shakeshaft
    hanging baskets by Shakeshaft
    Romanesque stone garden set by Simaddict99
Variousimmers forum - Victorian gazebo
Veggie's Junk Pile 2 Objects - stepping stones, water lily recolors
Vita Sims
    Golf club lot
    Gazebo and furniture ($)
    Moroccan garden set with gazebo ($)
    Victorian garden ($) ($) fabric awnings, large square umbrella
Wildalpiin - tabletop greenhouse ("
Minigewächshaus"); recolors of Meshkiste patio objects

Wood for Sims - Bavaria outdoor set includes a wheelbarrow planted with flowers
XMSims - gazebo

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