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Updated 23-Mar-07

The Sims 2 Factor - white eyes (like Marilyn Manson's contacts); other punk/gothic hair and clothes
Artemistha (adult site)
Chinafan Sims
Designer Sim Wear
Deviant Sim
Heavenly Sims
     goth wedding veils by BloodPledge
     white eyelashes, eyeliner by Sleepycat
Kandy's Korner - really nice girls' outfits
Mod the Sims 2
    Goth sims by kavar
    Gothic Lace Lolita outfits by LadyFe
    Dark Nights gown by Rayne
girl's school uniform by TheGreatXL
    punk Halloween teen girl by MonoChaos
    Loli skirt by MonoChaos
    Loli shirt by MonoChaos
    Loli dress by MonoChaos
    Punk RAWK! clothing by
          Violet_Placebo here and here
    Gothic lace Lolita by LadyFe
clothes for girls and teen girls by MonoChaos
Noukie Sims 2 -
by Ghanima and Guest Artists
Number 9 Sims
Peace & Sims
Pico's Multiwear Sims 2 Skins
Rotkehlchens Sims
Ruckus Sims
Sapphire Sims 2 - toddler outfits
Sims 2 Beauty - , Gothic Collection ($, Kollektion Nr. 17 von Angel), Black Wedding: Setcard No. 106, Setcard No. 107
Sims 2 Sisters
Sims Family - clothes by Lanfaer
TS2 Creations - Gothic plaids by Grizzelda
The Sims 2 World - excellent detailed outfits; also available at Mod the Sims 2
xSims ($ adult)
Marina's Sims 2 under Heather
McTrick's Place
Mod the Sims 2
    black/purple round lovebed by avund
Sapphire Sims 2 - spiders and gargoyles iron fences, bats
Sim Estates 2 - dead flowers
Simpatico Sims - furniture sets
Sims 2 Suchtis - car with skull and bones paint job
Sims Epidemic - bedroom set
Spiffy Sims - Gothic bedroom set by Dancing Aphrodite
The Anything Box - telephone disguised as a decorative box
The Sims Resource ($)
    gothic architect's build set by cyclonesue
        Gothic Vampire bedroom by simaddict99
Wood for Sims ($)
Goth theme

Simillion Sims and Homes

Sim Difference
Sims Wonderful Warehouse
Tropical Sims
User Sims
YMW Productions

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