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Updated 18-Mar-07

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Residential and commercial objects
Around the Sims
($) tv and stereo unit
Fowo's Simpage - large wall TV
Guderuns Sims - large ice cream cone and french fry displays under Objekt Meshes > Deco
Independent Sims - old movie posters and movie stars
    old movie posters by bogart61
Meshkiste - "Cinema" wall decoration
Mod the Sims 2
    Mega TV by johnr2000
    large screen with curtains by
    soda dispenser by thefuzmixman
cinema-size projection screen by eddie19913
    popcorn machine by Cazkiwi
    working ticket booth
by Bigpimpin15
    3-story-high TV by webmessia
home theater set by JohnBrehaut1
many popular DVDs by midge
Prime Time Sims 2 - three movie theater screens
Puresims - Cinema set (new meshes)
Raonjena Sims 2 ($) screencap showing a stepped commercial cinema floor - worth taking a look to see how they did it. Real theater seating, curtain, screen, and snack bar objects.
Reflexsims forum - Sony home theater (TV and speakers)
Sim A Little Dream A Lot
    Hollywood sidewalk stars: Johnny Depp
    Hollywood sidewalk and stars
Simcredible - home cinema set: large TV console, seating, surface, vending machine, popcorn machine
Sims 2 Arena - recolor of Puresims set
Sims Connection - candy counter, nachos display
Spiffy Sims - home theater room sets, one by PaulaJedi 6/4/05, one by HeartSpirit 6/2/05
The Sims Resource ($)
   Vintage Cinema by dotcombuilder - framed posters of old movies, doors, chair, table, sofa in black
   Hollywood Walk of Fame cinema set by scarredpinky - snack sign, barstool, table, snack display, cinema counter, cinema light, stack of paper cups, cinema door, cinema chair, bar, curtains, pool table, industry-themed plaques, cinema poster, chair in pink and black
    Movie Theater Set by elmazzz - screen, vending machines, popcorn, sofa, wall, floor

Cinema lots
     art deco/industrial cinema and restaurant by evil'a
     The Utopia Movie Theater by silvertreedrake
Jazeks Häuser - Cinema Funytime
Linda's Sim2Torials
Mod the Sims 2
    by cashinthegreen http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=120124
    cinema lot by ariffrazalin
Sapphire Sims 2 - The Royal Palladin Theater
Sim A Little Dream A Lot - Sim City Cinema (yes, this is the right link)
Simlische Welt -
Movie Temple
Sims 2 Arena -
Sims 2 Marktplatz - drive-in theater lot under Häuser > Gemeinschaftslots > Ricky-Immo Sommerkino by Chalipo
The Sims Resource ($)
    Cinema parking lot by msnicoleking
  Hollywood Walk of Fame Cinema by scarredpinky

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