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Updated 3-Jul-07

Asamo ($)
Blacky's Sims 2 Zoo
     gurney with dead body covered by cloth
     hospital bed
     IV stand
     bedside table
Eclectic Sims ($) hospital bassinette
     oxygen tube, by Madamsimmer
     surgical masks by liegenschonheit - facial bandages
    single bed by Phelana looks like a hospital bed
    dental exam room
Mod the Sims 2
    Dead guy on a morgue table; morgue wall unit by DBCAB
    Eye chart by maree464
    anatomy posters by maree464
    framed diplomas by maree464
    Sims Hospital lot by Jax2
    wheelchair by windkeeper
M.A.S.H. unit by ninapinacolada
oxygen tank by IndigoRage
decorative baby (for nursery bassinettes) by boblishman
(Thanks to Queenmumy of Sims 2 Arena for the following finds)
    IV stands by boblishman
    MRI machine by HChangeri
    dental chair, ultrasound machine, and X-ray machine by HChangeri
    34 object set by JohnBrehaut1
    mad scientist lab set by Bink13y
    IV drip by boblishman
    surgical masks by liegenschonheit
    leg cast by boblishman
    driveable ambulance by Fresh-Prince
    surgery station clean white recolor by Ailias
    Sim City Medical Center
    dental exam set
    Tampax (working)
    diet pills (working)
    insurance and doctor home visit (working)
Pam's Themes
Pandora Sims ($) electronic equipment and exam table
Pink Rabbit - female nurse, doctor uniforms
Rose Sims 2 - crutches (free)
Sapphire Sims 2 - beds, exam tables and equipment trays
Savage Sims - bassinette on wheels (free)
Sims 2 Ellis - wheelchairs
Sims 2 FeeEssen -
dental exam equipment, kids' toy doctor kit
Sims 2 Studio ($) pharmacy
Sims 2 Things 2 Share
Sims Action
Sims Islands - doctor and nurse uniforms
Sims Suisse - lot
TS2 Downunder - lot, objects and clothing
The Sims 2 Factor
The Sims Resource ($) diplomas by maree464
Wall Sims ($)
ws_hospitalmaternity, ws_hospitaloffice, ws_hospitalroom

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