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Updated 6-Apr-07

Alles Fuer Die Sims 2 - ice cream sundae by Blüte
Guderuns Sims - large ice cream cone display under Objekt Meshes > Deco
InSIMenator Forum - ice cream cones - peach, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla
Love Couture - ice cream tees and tanks for female sims (in the forum; added December 2005)
Mod the Sims 2
    prints by justmoi
    milkshake poster by justmoi
Retail Sims - ice cream shop
Simcrow - Ice Cream Soda set (kitchen counters and appliances, dining table and chairs, Louise Max painting, lighting, high chair, wallpaper with neon "sign")
Sims 2 FeeEssen - framed ice cream and cake prints ("
Eisdielen-Bilder"), ice cream cart
Sims Connection - free ice cream shop
Sunni Sims - "Neapolitan" patio set with chocolate/strawberry/vanilla-colored cushions
The Sims Resource ($)
    Ice cream bedding set by simmyfan2852
    The Casanova Ice Cream Palace Set II by parkinsoplayer
    The Casanova Ice Cream Palace Set I by parkinsoplayer
The Sims Vault ($, adult) ice cream containers, whipped cream, and edible sundaes
Vita Sims - two sundaes; edible ice cream
Wall Sims
- Panda set includes two sundaes

The Casanova Ice Cream Palace Set at The Sims Resource

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