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Updated 30-Jun-07

8th Deadly Sim ($) - Grunge Set washer and soap
- washing machine ($)
Erininy Sims
    European bathroom with washer and soap; mesh is here; many recolors available
    Another European washer and soap in a bathroom set, here
Linda's Sims2Torials - wicker laundry basket and recolors
Mango-Sims - laundry set under Meubles>Sets>Autres: utility sink, washer and dryer, shelf with supplies, iron, laundry basket, clothes rack and shelves, drying rack
Max3D - bottle of detergent, under Decorative
Mod the Sims 2

    "Working" washing machine by Evilgab (based on dishwasher)
    wood/wicker hamper by boblishman
    recolors of boblishman's hamper by mira04
    "All my other clothes are in the wash" young man's outfit by Faylen
    washer/dryer by jpaugh78
    nylon hampers by the fuzmixman

    ironing board by Nemi
    laundry hamper by Little_Tx_Mama
    ironing board and starch by DonSpencer
    working washer and dryer, working iron (improved points too) by Katy_76
    recolors by SvetLanka
Reflexsims - washing machine, cabinet, drying rack, plastic laundry basket, and a much nicer staircase than I have ever seen lead to a laundry room
SSSDESIGNS_Sims2 - huge laundry room set: ironing board, pile of clothes, hamper, shelves with deco items, storage closet with shelves and vacuum cleaner behind glass doors
Sim A Little Dream A Lot - laundry basket
Sim It Like You Want It
Simplan-X - washing machine, ironing board, laundry basket, drying rack, deco ($); ($) cloth laundry basket in Simplicity Bath set under Themes
Sims 2 Ellis
    washer and dryer
    ironing boards
Sims 2 FeeEssen -
recolor of PC-Sims working washer, old-fashioned washing setup: stove, tubs, washboards, drying rack
Sims Divine - wicker linen basket in Country Teak bedroom set (not shown in screencaps)
Sims Fashion Barn
    set by dgandy - washer that works as an armoire, dryer that works as a table, clothes basket, iron, ironing board that works as a table, dress on a hanger, and folded clothes and detergent.
    recolor of Mango Sims set, under Room Sets
Skysims - drying rack, washer, laundry basket, wall
Springwolf's Elegant Decor
- washing machine, drying rack, laundry basket, more
The Sim Republic ($) - washer and dryer; detergent boxes; walls
The Sims Resource
    old-fashioned clothesline and basket by DOT ($)
    The Great Portholio stacked washer/dryer (wardrobe) by MsBarrows
    walls by Primetime
    Victorian laundry room by Cashcraft ($)
Things4Sims - backyard drying rack
Totally Sim Crazy - washing machine - washing machine
Wall Sims ($) laundry room set

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