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Updated 30-Jun-07

Careers and majors
Mod the Sims 2
alchemy major by ShiroiKarasu
    needlework major by whiterider
    dark arts major by Trissle
    herbology major by Trissle
    potions major by Trissle
    theology major by marshburn
    medieval career by Rct2mad
    priest career by gk4495
    bakery career by SuperFly
    magical career by athenegw
    equestrian career by gk4495
    library career by Maniac
    another medieval career by athenegw
    farming career by bluebirdie
    pastor career by AlbinoNoodle
    magic and carpenter careers by mjcsims2
    apothecary career by wintermuteai1

Objects, lots, clothes
8th Deadly Sim ($) very nice looking, authentic cart
Alex Sims 2 Skins
All4Sims - dining hall set with throne, living room set,
All About Style - clothes
Avalon - build items

Besens Sims 2 Page - clothes; caps under Accessories
Blacky's Sims 2 Zoo - Middle Ages theme ("Mittelalter Spezial")
Caravan Shop Sims 2 - several sets under Bric-a-Brac > Castle
Catrin's Sims 2 - Viking clothes (look medieval)
Chinafan Sims - Castle and Garden lot by TiJiao; looks Tuscan/medieval
Chi-sa-go - knight statue

Debbysim Decor ($) - armor
Designer Sim Wear
Dimorasims - complex castle lots
Fanciful Sims - theme site
Fashion 2 Sims - theme site
Linda's Sims 2 - "bucket plumbing": shower, sink and toilet; Medieval Pool and Moat ($) (looks like walls, fences, door, pool ladder, diving board, knight armor)
Meshkiste - wagon; OFB items: counters, shelves, knight statues, banners
Mod the Sims 2
    Medieval Fair set by Brasstex
    Bayeux Tapestry by myboo
    Islamic abaya/jelbab/jubah by Bettye
    Islamic chadar
by Bettye
Islamic female sim by Nevena92
    stocks by generalzoi
    spacesaver (two-tile) ladder stairs by Targa
    wooden ladder by Targa
    fire alarm by Lethe_s
    peasant teen boy by EnblithTheFair
    peasant girl by EnblithTheFair
    peasant teen girl by EnblithTheFair
    peasant men
by EnblithTheFair
    Out of the Dark Ages window with clear glass instead of stained glass by eddief66
    driveable horse cart by wintermuteai1
medieval toilet and wash basin by Lethe_s
mossy tree stump tv and burglar alarm by wintermuteai1
town wall by Lethe_s
burglar alarm disguised as a shield by Calidan
    medieval kitchen by Lethe_S
wooden barrel toilet and sink by NNNNatali
fireplace with cauldron (working stove) by -Maylin-

Midsummer Night's Dream set by a team of six artists: build items (battlements and tower, buttresses, cathedral windows, Lothlorien build set, doors, rosette windows, horned veiled hat, nun's robe and coif, gowns for adults, elders, and teens, lady warrior sim, man's plumed hat, serf sims, men's tunics and cloak, pageboy sim, tunic pants for adults, elders, and teens, monk's robe with hood, male sims, elf warrier, evil king, highwayman, male's swim outfit, sherrif, king's knight, knights, peasant, serf furnishings, thrones, shields, coats of arms, bedding, rugs, walls, serf hut, small chapel, witchy arcade, wizard castle

Pam's Themes - walls
Pandora Sims 2 ($) gallows; Medieval add-on pack: armor, gargoyle, wall shield, well, barrel end table, crow's cage, beer barrel, banners, skins
    also peasant clothes for women by Arthelope
Retail Sims - Set inspired by Dragon Quest game: poisonous liquid boxes, floating bubbles, open filled sacks, tied filled sacks, medicinal herbs, sacks, build items to make a market booth, bottles
Sapphire Sims 2
- lots, fantasy sims, and objects; use the Category Jump Menu to reach the Medieval Empire Collection. Medieva/Renaissance mens' swimwear by bundi2
Savage Sims (free) World of Warcraft-based skins
Sim Ages - theme site; free clothing
Sim Dreams
- simple dresses, under Themes > Middle Ages

Sim Estates 2 - canopy beds
Sim Freaks 2 ($) Medieval Dining Set
Sim World - simple decorative gables by grinder
Simply Similicious - wall decor: swords, axes, shield
Sims 2 Beauty
    clothing in Kollektion Nr. 18 von Angel & UserGab
    wood wall set
by UserGab
Sims 2 FeeEssen - haywagon, stone hearth with oven and kettle over a fire, mill wheel,
Sims 2 Gara's Boutique - many rustic items for a medieval kitchen; wooden wardrobe under Objects > GARA-MESH, clothes
SimSazolie - bedroom set in light wood
Sims Connection
($) knight armor displays, mounted sword, shields, knives, helmet, Moonshire Inn, lighting
Spiffy Sims - timber and stone build set by Muga: interior and exterior timber walls, interior and exterior stone walls, snow terrain, stone chimney
TS2 Creations - new dress mesh
Tabala's Creations - dresses (guest artist at Besens Sims 2 page)
The Elegant Sim - clothes
The Sims 2 Creators Corner - castle, under Themes
The Sims Resource ($)
    Sword-and-shield wall decorations by Gamerq
    Chainmail headpiece by Stoked4sims
    Kitchen by simaddict99
    Stove by Arenaria
    Medieval tavern building kit by windkeeper
    Calgarth, Trelyan, Raggan, Duncraig, Sir Tristram's, Sir Percival's, Sir Lancelot's, Elinor's Castles;
        The Lych Gate, 95 Lesser Bard's Boulevard, Sir Gerrant's Keep, The Medieval Gaolor's House,
        dungeon and prison bars, windows for castle ruins, Maxis stone wall set, metal grid floor tiles,
        Ye Olde Medieval Barrels, ancient fireplaces and chimneystacks, The Merry-Making 3 x 1
        Dining Set, medieval toilets and sinks set by cyclonesue
    NSC Dalton Castle, medieval hair, NSC medieval sofa set, NSC furniture set 1, NSC Tapestry Set#1,
NSC Furniture Set#2, NSC Medieval Hair -Hair Set15, NSC Medieval Clothes Set3m
         NSC Tapestry Set3, NSC Medieval Gown Set#4, NSC Medieval Gowns for Girls Set2,
         NSC Medieval Gown Set 5, NSC Hair Set#35, NSC Tapestry Set#6, NSC Tiaras Set1,
         NSC Tapestry Set 4
, NSC Medieval Gowns Set#6, NSC Hair Set#36,
NSC Tapestry Set 8,
         NSC Medieval Gowns Set#7, NSC Tapestry Set 7, NSC Hair Set 40, NSC Medieval Gowns Set#11
NSC Tapestry Set 5, NSC Tapestry Set 5 - LOTR, NSC Tapestry Set 12, NSC Hair Set 41,
         NSC Tapestry Set 10, NSC Medieval Gowns Set#10, NSC Hair Set 38, NSC Medieval Gowns Set#9,
         NSC Tapestry Set 9, NSC Hair Set 37, NSC Medieval Gowns Set#8, NSC Tapestry Set 11,
         NSC Hair Set 42 by NeptuneSuzy
    Gamling's House, the Golden Hall/Edoras, Westfold Hallow, Dunharrow Watchtower by Tiko
    Manor House, Jester Court, medieval carpet flooring by iZazu
    Arwin [sic] of LOTR, Aragorn, Legolas, Gandolf [sic], cobblestone collection, Renaissance Set clothing,
         Wizard's Lair set, medieval baking ovens by Arenaria
    suit of armor, fencepost candlelights, mosaic tiles, stone and brick stairways, dungeon by Buntah
    Haunted painting, faux animal skin rugs, rustic door collection, medieval tavern building kit, castle wall top
         (the crenellated? castellated? part), flagpole by windkeeper
    Samlesbury Hall exterior walls, am_MedievalTimesSet1, am_MedievalMale, am_MedievalTimesSet2,
         am_MedievalTimesSet3 by Cruella56
    Medi-Evil Dark Tower by Lorah
    "Blinking Eyes", burglar alarm disguised as a painting; smoke detector disguised as fern plants,
         Enchanted Harp, tv disguised as a crystal ball by Dr Pixel
    medieval kitchen (aged ebony and dark wood recolors too), medieval natural hide rugs, medieval animal
         skin bedding, simple medieval jewelry, kitchen accessories, medieval square tapestries, medieval
         horizontal tapestries, medieval nursery by simaddict99
    medieval marketplace pottery stand by cemre
    medieval work clothes by grizzelldda
    king and queen medieval thrones, Medieval Madness Chests by cashcraft
    Medieval True Love, Medieval Madness sets by DOT
    medieval windows, counters by solfal
    medieval mini set by NanshiNibble
castle-themed neighborhood objects by arenaria
    Do a description search for "medieval" in the Objects database
    Also select "Medieval Madness" from the Theme Weeks menu
    Medieval bathroom by solfal
Wall Sims - torture chamber, medieval dining set; outdoor set with well, bucket, barrel, logs, wheat, and sign

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