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Updated 6-Apr-07

Deviant Sim (adult site) mermaid sim
    Merman body mesh by marvine and beosboxboy; stunning artistic work, including new animation.
Other mermaid body types for creating a mermaid family, and "clothes", are available too.

Mod the Sims 2
walls by
     Arianna - mermaid sim by Belle_Ange_16
    Calypso mermaid by alej_r_b
    Ariel, The Little Mermaid by Snailhorse
    original art by aikea guinea
    Little Mermaid recolor of Sapphire Sims mesh by brainchildvn
    The Little Mermaid nursery by DJsimchick
    walls by Enchanted
    girl's swimsuit by auracyan
    pictures by HalfPiont
    stained glass window by JayAngel
    Ariel nursery set by noema
    painting in different frames by justmoi
    paintings by makibird
    bedding by makibird
    XM Sims recolor by LyricLee
Rubicon - under The Ladies Casual
Sapphire Sims ($) Sapphire Seas collection: neighborhood, lots, objects, sims
Sim 2 Fashion
- outfit
Simgrrl 2 - costume
Sims 2 Heaven - Mermaid paintings in oval frames; mermaid costume
Sims Connection - ($) Mystic Mermaid fountain
Sims Cybers - print, here
The Sims Resource
    The Little Mermaid costumes by Dotcombuilder
    The Little Mermaid swimsuit by
      mermaid martini poster by HappySimGirl
    bas-relief wall by netseeker2
    lilac wall with Little Mermaid border by Dollhouse
XM Sims - outfit

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