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Updated 11-Jan-07

Careers and majors
    US Marine career by Bobbling (does not work with University)
    Military science major by p00jkins
    British army career by Rct2mad
    U.S. Marines career by p00jkins
    The Army by Rct2mad
    Air Force career by thomasskull666

Objects, lots, uniforms
Blacky's Sims 2 Zoo - man's camo tee and pants
    US Navy sailor hat by Kavar and beosboxboy
toddler girl's outfit with camo pants
Love Couture Forum - camo evening gown (pink/green/brown)
Mod the Sims 2
    Coast Guard uniform by bryan27
    Coast Guard workout suit by killermonkey
    Metal bunk beds by atavera
    American flag on a pole by DBCAB
    Wooden bunk beds by Miche
    camoflage set by wirelessguy
    camo living room set by the evil writer
    Obstacle course recolors by wirelessguy
    French Foreign Legion career by Redd
    themed paintings by glacier1701,
    Army base by fijbert
    camo skirt and Army tee by Mnory
    Navy flight jacket by SixStringSlim
    M.A.S.H. unit by ninapinacolada
    buyable remote-controlled tank (does not replace the Maxis remote-controlled car) by Nite/m4re
Renault tank used by French military by wintermuteai1
gas mask by wintermuteai1
PC-Sims - barracks set: bed, nightstand, closet
Rados Sims 2
- Recolor of obstacle course on page 13 of Objects
Savage Sims - ammo crate and metal case
Sea Sims and Sun - camo bedroom
Simply Sims 2 Recolors - toddler boy's camo shirt outfit
Simply Simsational - Memorial Day-themed bedroom
Sims 2 Boutique - dress uniform
Sims 2 Zone - camo tee and pants (registration required)
Sims Connection - Flagpole and flag; casual military uniform
Sims Dream City - sleeveless camo tee and pants
- camouflage bedding on page 2 of comfort; recolored obstacle courses ($)
Stuff-2-Share - camo pajamas
Sublime Sims - ANZAC Day theme -
sims, walls, lot
The Sims - camouflage jeep, black/white camo outfit

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