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Updated 4-Apr-07

Crystal Clear Sims - white Mission chair and table by dinad2610
Limmerfers Sims 2
- OFB Mission bed recolors
Pinky's Simsoap - living room, 8-18-06
Sim Estates 2
    living room, living room
    single bed and nightstand
Sims 2 Day - OFB Mission bed recolors
Sims Divine - curio cabinet; dining table and chairs
Sims Shoppe ($) http://www.simsshoppe.com/
    Mission Kitchens set
Simaholics R Us - kitchens
Simtastic - mission bedframes under Objects and Meshes
Spiffy Sims - Lady of the Sun bedroom/study/bathroom set by Fraeya
The Sims Resource ($)
    dining room by Nikki041498
    bedroom set by Nikki041498
    living room by Nikki041498
    OFB matching nursery by Simaddict99

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