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Updated 25-Mar-07

All About Style - clothes in Prairie theme
Asamo - bunch of corn on a string
Blackys Sims 2 Zoo - family clothing set
Dragn Design - painting at the bottom of the Decor page; appears to be a young family about to leave on two horses
Kissers Sims 2 - teen boy's leather vest with graphic on the back
Mod the Sims 2
    totem pole by Suiryuue
    Navajo mesa Indian village by netseeker2
    clothing by morellco
    sims by nova-storm
    bedding with Light of Love artwork by vemkeit
    pictures by Enchanted
    historical pictures by vemkeit
    wallpaper with border, artwork, and dream catcher by ingsey
    Navajo Collection walls by cozmicrain
    themed women's undies by Moonbeat (no pic)
    tapestries by dhevynstarr
    bedding by Enchanted and vemkeit
    Indian Wolf wall by piewicked
    Indian Wolf floor by piewicked
    Native American collection (select from the Category Jump Menu): hogan lot, clothes
    adult bedroom by alanyaangel
    girl's and boy's bedrooms by alanyaangel
    teepee wall by CormorantEnt
    paintings by MishNumber1
    female sim by VioletPlacebo
Objects for Sims 2 - Bella Bedroom
Pegassims - tattoo
Sapphire Sims - sims
Sim Clouds
SimSlice - Indian Electric wall
Sims 2-Suchtis - look under Genetik for hair and costumes
Sims Divine - totem pole, male and female sims
The Sims Resource ($)

    buckskin and formal clothing for the family and breechcloth by fefesrvschrist
    earrings by Starrats
    vases by tmross4
    tile countertop and stone cutting board by Buntah
    walls and one floor by netseeker2

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