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Updated 15-Apr-07

4Ever Simfantasy - under Miscellaneous
Aimee's Awesome Simgroup
Almost Chic Decor
Amethyst Designs
Amethyst's Flying Circus
Around the Sims 2
Asamo - stroller for twins, cribs with canopies, more
Aussie Top Enders
Avenida Sims
Besen's Sims 2 page - new mesh
Betsy's Little Sim Shoppes
Blacky's Sims 2 Zoo - here and here
Caravan Shop Sims 2 - under Medieval
Cat and SuSim's
Catlily's Sims
Charmed Sims ($)
Cherokee Rose Sims
Classy Sims Designs
Coffee Time Sims
Colour Your Sims
Cookie Sims
Crystal Clear Sims
Deviant Sim
Eclectic Sims - custom meshes,
including an infant gym

    Autumn Leaves nursery
    high chair and potty recolors
    Butterfly crib and changing table

Elva Sims (changing table only)
Erininy Sims 2
Esse Ti Sims Royale
Fashion 4 Sims 2
Game Island - rugs under Objects > Misc
Gerdi's Sims 2
Herself 4 Sims 2 - Gabbie's Blessing
Hummingbird Recolors
Jessie's Sims ($)
Kane's Sims 2 Designs
Linda's Sims 2 ($)
Lurania - under Arredamento > Elementi per Bambini
M & M Needful Things
McTrick's Place
Meine Sims 2 Welt - look for Babyzimmer
Mellisenda's Sims 2 ($)
Meshkiste - rocking horse, new potty mesh
Mod the Sims 2
    ball sorting toy (new mesh) by SnowStorm

Mum-Kayz Sims 2
Nelly Sims 2
Neothesims2 - under Объекты > Комплекты (Objekti > Complekti)
     toddler bed
     toddler boat bed
Objects for Sims 2
Pimp My Sims
Puresims - new mesh
Rat Productions
Refined Sims 2
Romance Sims
Rosebud Sims
SSSDesigns Sims 2
Sapphire Sims 2 - Meshkiste recolor
Schnattchens Sims 2
Shimmer Sims
Sim Adoration
Sim Chic ($)
Sim Clouds Native American - themed Maxis recolors
Sim Creativity
Sim Design Sisters - Bacchus

Sim Dreams - under Obiekty > Zestawy (Sets) > Troskliwe Misie - Sypialnia maluszka

Sim Estates 2 also recolored potties under Bathrooms; pastel recolors of charisma and logic toys under Children
Sim Frenzy

Sim Gedohns
Sim Mania 2

Sim Mania 2 Recolors
Sim Passion - under Cool Stuff > Zestawy
Sim People and Me
Sim Secrets ($)
Sim Times
Sim World
Simaholics R Us
Simcastic Designs

SIMful Design (part $)
SiMHz ($)
Simmage ($)
Simplan X ($) nursery with free playpens
Simple Style
Simply Sims 2 Recolours
Sims 2 Arena
Sims 2 Atelier

Sims 2 Beauty
Sims 2 Day
Sims 2 Dream
Sims 2 Fans
Sims 2 fee-Essen - many, many new meshes of nursery items, strollers, carriers, sleepers, seats, toys for toddlers, deco items
Sims 2 Find Ich Gut
Sims 2 for Simscorner
Sims 2 Furniture - alien set
Sims 2 Hummingbird Recolors
Sims 2 Kreativ
Sims 2 Luxe
Sims 2 Marktplatz
Sims 2 Me

Sims 2 Novice
Sims 2 Planet
Sims 2 Play
Sims 2 Shopping Center
Sims 2 Studio
Sims 2 Spieler
Sims 2 Suchtis
Sims Divine
Sims in Paris
Sims Trouvailles
Sims Unity
Sims - nice plum Maxis recolor
Sky Sims 2
Springwolf's Elegant Decor
Studio B43
Stylishly Tiggerific TS2
Sunni Sims
Sweet Simsations Sims 2
Tecno Sims
The "B" List
The Complete Sim
The Sim Republic ($) under Themes > Kids
The Sims Area
The Sims
(under Download >
Objekty > Od fanousku)
The Sims 2 Factor
The Sims 2 Recolors
The Sims Resource ($)
    quilts by simaddict99
    toddler table and working chair by solfal
    Precious Moments framed prints by Primetime024
Those Krazy Sims
Totally Sim Crazy
Under Your Skin - new mesh
Varotica's Fashion - cheerful red hearts on yellow
Vita Sims

Wall Sims
Xuan Sims

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