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Updated 18-Mar-07

11 Dots - blotter and pen holder
4 Ever Simfantasy - look under Study sets, and under Misc > Other 4 The Hall
Anitka Mysteria - Yellow Pages (phone book)
Around the Sims 2
Sets > Study
    Sets > Study > Atrus II study
    Sets > Study > Bengale study
    Single > Accessories
Asamo - office set ($): overhead projector, conference table, digital copyboard
Avalon - glass block wallpaper
Babbyebe Sims - pad and pencil cup; page 8
Bienchen's Sims 2 World - magazines for the waiting room on page 2 of Meshes; notebook on page 1 of Meshes
Chinafan Sims - clock and framed photos on page 10
Designs by Lutzy - scrapbooks
Edenstyle - desk deco
Einfach Simlisch - desk deco, printer
Enchanted Forest - desk deco, under Decor > Misc
Independent Sims - notepad and pen, under Working > Valentine Study
Linda's Sim2Torials - ($) home office set: cart with vertical file, pen or pencil, printer (?), file cabinet, stack of paper

    Meubles > Sets > Bureax > Set Spot - paper organizer
Meubles > Sets > Bureax > Set Jerk - ashtray, two different "dossiers" (organizers), books
Mel and Her Gang's Sim Playhouse - desktop clutter
Mod the Sims 2

    charts for the office by maree464
    framed diplomas by maree464
    gold records by maree464
    black and white framed photos of Hollywood landmarks by cerisedrea
    drafting table by HChangeri
    Lexmark printer by simfantastic2
    projection screen by eddie19913
projector and screen by eddie 19913
Reflexsims - conference room by Teko: binders, tray with glasses, coffee machine
Sim Gedohns
- Loft-Office: rolling file cabinet, trashbin, letter tray, briefcase, Tizio lamp; ($) coffee carafe and mugs on a tray, blotter, flipchart/easel
Sim Showroom - large book and pencil cup in small office set by NewSimSimGirl
Simcredible Designs - papers, pencils, and pencil cup in Santem study set
Simply Sims 2 Recolours - recolors of Around the Sims desk "clutter" objects
Simply Styling
Simprover - file cabinet, architect's drawing board
Simtastic - file cabinet and office wall clock under Meshes

Sims 2 FeeEssen - binders
Sims 2 Sisters - office sets and deco
Sims 2 Studio
- pink briefcase in Hall Ken;
architect office deco in Set Makler
Sims 2 Suchtis - world map
Simslice - water cooler
Solander's Welt [World] - paper organizer, paper tray, pencil cup, sticky notes in Jobladder set
Spiffy Sims - desk deco by Betsy4Arts
The Sims Resource ($)
    study room sets by SunAir include a tray with papers, pencil cup, and books; set is available in six different colors
    MUW study room with easel and architects' drawings by SunAir
Wall Sims
    Bureau set - box and desktop file
    Canada office set ($) - paper and mug, clutter
    Totem office set - printer, camera, binder
    Boston set ($) - stack of books
    Lola set - decorative phone
    Gravity set ($) - clock, desk deco
    Pleasure set ($) - stack of books
    Salome teen bedroom ($) - framed pictures
    Tamara set ($) - printer, files, coffee set, briefcase
XM Sims - rolled drawings in holders, stack of binders

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