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Updated 30-Jun-07

Babbye be Sims

recolors of The Sims Resource place-anywhere pillows
    recolors of the double Mango Sims pillows
    recolors of the Simply Styling pillows
Betsy's Little Sim Shoppes - in bedroom BEDbouquet012907
Bines Sim Revue - bedroom sets with recolors of Simply Styling and Sunair Sims pillows
Birtge - recolors of Simply Styling and Mango Sims pillows
Bluetes Sims 2 Ecke (downloads are still available even though the site is closed)

    Recolors of Mango Sims and Sims 2 Play meshes in living room, bedroom, deco
    and deco (don't know where this moved)
    new pillow mesh in "Feel Good" living room
Chinafan Sims - pages 35, 36
DJS Sims - under Decor
Designs by Lutzy
Exnem's Sims - VitaSims recolors by LyricLee

Exotic Elements
Gerdi's Sims 2 - Recolor of Sunair Sims
Pendant Bedroom floor lounge pillows
Heavenly Sims - Recolor of Sunair Sims Pendant Bedroom floor lounge pillows
Mango Sims
    Meubles > Sets > Chambres > Set Tranquilité
    Meubles > Sets > Autres > Set Jeanne
    Meubles > Recolorables > Base des coussins
Oldbox Home - in bedroom sets
Pimp My Sims - in Modena living room set
Plauderstübchen - 8/22/05 bedroom with Sims2Play pillows
Purple Juice
Reflexsims forum - Sims 2 Play Orient Set pillow recolors here and here and here
Serenity Sims - Sims2Play recolors in room sets and Misc
Sim It Like You Want It
Sim Objects by MLK - Recolor of Sunair Sims Pendant Bedroom floor lounge pillows
Sim People and Me
    Japanese Style living set
    Japanese antique living room
    Ochanoma dining room set
SIMcredible -
Santuario Living

Simply Styling
Sims 2 Beauty
Sims 2 Hummingbird Recolors by Laura
Sims 2 Play
    hanging pillow (like a tapestry)
Sims 2 Studio

SimSazolie - Sunair Pendant Bedroom recolors
Spiffy Sims - by Betsy4Arts
Studio B43 in Banana Republic Rebuilds sets
Sunair Sims - Pendant Bedroom floor lounge pillows
Susanna's Sims 2 Diamonds
The Annex
    Got the Blues set - recolors of Exotic Elements and Sims 2 Play pillows
Pillow Party set
    Modern 7 set
The Sims Resource ($)
    Place Anywhere Accent Cushions - three pillows that can go on chairs, sofas and loveseats by Simaddict99
    Recolors by Raveena, Monica
    Finely textured "silk" pillow by Sunair
    Recolors of Sunair mesh by Sophel21
    more recolors by Sophel21
Tweetysmom's Sims 2 Treasures - pillows, poufs, baskets - come get yer fil!!
Twisted Sims Forums - by Moune999
Veggie's Junkpile 2 Objects - very nice recolors of the Mango Sims mesh, despite the site name
www.simsfan2.de ($) in many living room and bath sets, and in Paradise bedroom set
Wall Sims
    Calm Bedroom ($) round pillows
Zenobias Sims 2 Deco - recolor of Bluetes Sims 2 Ecke mesh

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