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Updated 24-Feb-07

Exnem Sims ($) arcade games
Max Sims
Mod the Sims 2
    Ms Pac Man arcade game by Corvistic
    Ms Pac Man arcade game by Mister Bogart
    Donkey Kong arcade game by Mister Bogart
    Monster Bash pinball machine by drcolossus
    Crash Bandicoot pinball machine by Mr. Simple
    Doom 3, Quake 4, and Unreal Tournament arcade games by Basilke
    Defender, Frogger arcade games by Deedee
    Nemo and Barbie pinball machines by Deedee
    Futurama and Family Guy pinball machines by Deedee
    Star Trek Voyager pinball by Witchboy
    Charlie's Angels pinball by Witchboy
pinball machine by Bizkit
    Brady Bunch pinball machine by Witchboy
    Playboy pinball machine by Bizkit
    Partridge Family
pinball machines by Witchboy
    KISS pinball machine by Bizkit
    Harry Potter pinball by Sim2Kid405
    Playboy pinball machine by allupo
    pink pinballs by xolilree92ox
PC-Sims - arcade games
Sim A Little, Dream A Lot
SIMful Design (some $) under Objects > Electronics and Room Sets > Outdoors/Build
Sims 2 FeeEssen - arcade games
Toxic Sims (registration required) Video arcade machine
Zonbai Sims - Defender

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