Updated 30-Jun-07

Round hot tubs
All4Sims - Sims in Paris round and square recolors
Blackys Sims 2 Zoo - Sims in Paris recolors here, here, here
Mango Sims - in Sets > Autres > Summer
Serenity Sims - here
Sims in Paris - under Outdoor 1 and 2

Outdoor shallow pools
Aussie Topenders
Babbyebe Sims - small pool in planter, page 32
Juniper Sun forum
Peggy Sims
Reflexsims forum - walkway
Simply Styling - in Outdoor, page 5
Sims in Paris
Tarox - under Verschiedenes (wasserbeckenromtaroo.zip)
XM Sims

Small indoor pools
    in green recolor of Palluco kitchen
    Deseo kitchen set appears to have little pools or insets in the dining room tables
    in Santani patio set under Specials
Reflexsims forum - recolor of Santani patio set here
Serenity Sims
     recolors of XM Sims indoor floor pool in Living Rooms page 2
     - here

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