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Updated 26-Jun-07

Mod the Sims 2
    electric chair by wintermuteai1
    barred walls and door by bootsbrisket
    barred slightly rusty metal doors by madbrit
    orange jumpers by fanseelamb
          for elders
          for women
          for men
    prison cell bars, door by atavera
    policeman outfit by SixStringSlim
    metal bunk beds by atavera
    handcuffs by boblishman
    men's orange jumper by snazza
    working electric chair by DBCAB
Simlogical (Simlogical is closed)
    core objects:
controllers needed for guards, prisoners, and visitors, "went to prison" memory, prisoner token, prisoner tag
    4-key door that matches atavera's prison build walls
    doors: cell doors, area doors
    cafeteria line (buffet)
    cell furniture: no-shoo toilet, sink, and shower; beds
    patches to prevent escapes, fighting, kicky bag and other spontaneous play, no read in bed, no job or school
Sims 2 You - prison build items: bars (Fængselstremmer), door (Fængselsdør), windows (Fængselsvinduer)
The Sims Resource ($)
    reservable barred doors by cyclonesue
    Victorian prison by cyclonesue
Wall Sims ($) ws_prison

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