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Updated 26-Jun-07

11Dots - Alessia diningset 3
2Fantastic - rattan vases
4Ever Simfantasy - patio set, bedroom, bedroom with rattan headboard
All4Sims - Takawada dining set
Andu's Sims 2 Archiv - Out of Africa living room
Around the Sims - desk accessories
Aussie Top Enders - Holy Simoly and Yggdrasil sofa set recolors, Rattan Living sets, cane sets, Zita Basic Outdoor woven grass, Art Nouveau sofas
Avalon - Asian-style dining table, recliner in Africa Living set, patio set, Pure LIving set

Crystal Sims 2 - recolor of 11Dots round table and chair, under Downloads > Recolors
Independent Sims - outdoor lounge sets, under Gardening
InSIMenator - rattan bedframe
    Schlafzimmer: low console table with wicker baskets underneath, bed, set of planters and low tables, wardrobe, end table with glass top
    Wohnzimmer - Nightlife (?) sofa
    Einzelobjecke - round bed
    Drauen - tropical patio set, beach covered loveseat ("Strandkorb")
    Bauen - bamboo windows and doors
    Themen - bamboo nursery, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room
Mod the Sims 2 - Cozy Corner living room recolor by OpenHouseJack
Opale Sims - end tables, boxes, and ottomans in salon sets, and sofas in "stores" sets (can't find the downloads), by Titibess
Parsimonious - Very Tikki set
Reflexsims ($)
Reflexsims forum - 4ESF patio set here, 4ESF patio set here,
Serenity Sims - patio sets; woven half-wall, deco/plants set
Simcredible Designs - folding screens, Kubanacan living room set, Beachy Dining set, Beachy Study set, Avila patio set,
Simperfection - lounge chair in patio set
    free wicker baskets in Corim bedroom
    free Natual Garden Furniture: lounge, chair, lamp, plant, table, end table
Simply Styling
    Studio B43 sofa recolors
    Mango-Sims floor cushion recolor
    large new mesh dish-shaped basket
    Peggy Sims lounger recolor
    Simply Styling pouffe recolor
    Studio B43 patio furniture recolors
    Simply Styling lounger
Sims Fashion Barn - woven vases by Henwen
Stylist Sims - patio set
Sweet Coventry - Seasons Summer bamboo set in green, pink, and light wood
TS2 Downunder - "Cabana" tiki seating
Tarox - garden set
Tecno Sims - recolors of Simplan-X Natural Garden Furniture mesh
Wildalpiin - recolors of Meshkiste rattan bedroom

Slatted wood sets
Pimp My Sims - outdoor sets
Simply Styling
    patio set here
    slatted floor tile

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